Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How I met my Best Friend

I am feeling much better today, I must admit yesterday I was so annoyed and today is a new day so I am doing the writers workshop from over at one of my favorite blogs Mama Kat's Losin' It ! I chose to write my prompt on How I met my Best friend !

To be honest I have known my bff since birth. My mom and her mom went to high school together so we just grew up together. We went to grade school and high school together and we are still partners in crime ! In high school I had my own private phone line and when I would get grounded my parents would take my phone from me. My bestie would always come to the rescue and bring me in a phone so i can plug it in my wall and continue chatting with friends until the wee hours of the night. That was until her mom realized one of her phones were missing from the house and called my mom ! She is just so sweet and I can honestly say that she has been there for me through thick and thin. She came to celebrate with me for my 29th birthday last year in Sin City she was one of the ones that said, "screw the economy lets go to Sin City " ! I love her and we will be besties when we are rolling our wheelchairs down a nursing home hall way..haha ! P.S She does not like this picture and she does read my blog from time to time and when she see's this she will hurt me..but I like this picture she is totally channeling her inner diva/model !

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Too Much Going On !

Okay so I just have too much going on right now and things are just plain annoying !

  • I am still trying to book my fabulous birthday trip with my lovely boyfriend. We found a travel agent to work with but she is hard to get in touch with so it has been crazy trying to get with her schedule and ours to.

  • I am starting to think about my holiday cards and this year I think I am going to do a recipe card...super cute ! The problem is I don't cook and I don't enjoy it but I was thinking about chocolate covered pretzels or sugar coated nuts ?? Yeah I know it isn't really anything to that but it's a start for a non-cooker and I may even send them with my recipe card.

  • Most of my friends have children so it is hard to catch up with them and just hang out and chill. I understand that children take up lots of time but how hard is it to call a "friend" and just say hi ?? I don't get it and why is it always that I am invited to a kid party every other weekend...yes seriously ! I mean come on I do HAVE A LIFE !!

All these things combined are annoying me well not so much the holiday cards but the kid parties and the booking of my well deserved long awaited vacation is just driving me nuts !! Hopefully by the end of the week I will have my vacation booked and I will let you all know where we have decided to go !

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I made in Best Post Of The Week !

This week I decided to submit what I thought was my best post of the week which was my Crazy Dream Post. I am so excited to announce that I made it in this week's bpotw #14 ! I enjoy
going to Best Post of the week every week just to discover new blogs to read !! It's really rather simple you submit your bpotw and if you are chosen then you will show up some place in the top 40 post of the week !! I love the idea and it's a great way of introducing blogs !
I was so excited that I had to share that with you all. Now I am going to get back to enjoying my Sunday evening and catch up on some of my Tivo shows.
*** Smooches ***

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Crazy Dream

I had the weirdest dream last night that I went to the car wash and it was a raggedy little car wash. I drove my car through the car wash and I got out of my car and there was a huge piece of paint missing ! I started screaming " how did this happen !" Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy and kind of shrugging there shoulders. I started feverishly rubbing the side of my car like the paint would come back and then started crying like I was really crazy ! It gets worse, then I fall back on my knee's and whip out a can of spray paint that I had hooked on my belt buckle and started spray painting the side of my car screaming NOOOOOOOOO as the spray paint started to run down the side of my car (and yes it was the right color) Then all of a sudden all these people started grabbing me and said it will be okay calm down ! Crazy right !

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Tuesday's Tribute

I came across Tuesday's Tribute when I was doing some blog surfing and came across clown circus ! I think it is a wonderful idea and I wanted to give tribute to my sister on this wonderful Tuesday evening. My younger sister is a wonderful well respected individual. She works hard as an accountant for a prestigious law firm and she loves her job. When we were little we would play store and she always had to be the cashier and I would be the customer and she always made me give her more money then the total price so she can give me change and she ends up becoming and accountant. She loves to crunch numbers ! She just got married earlier this year to her best friend ! They make such a cute couple. The already act like they have been married for 10 years + its adorable. She started blogging about being a new wife and the planning of there one year anniversary to every Friday she blogs about there up and coming trip and calls it France Friday its cute ! She also blogs about her weird obsession with Beyonce she has to be her number one fan with out a doubt ! Everyone stop by her page and give her some blog loving on this Tuesday Tribute Day !!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Is Pinky Going To Get Married ?

I got to speak with my friend Pinky this weekend. She always has good stories and I wanted to give an update on her status with her NFL football player boyfriend. The last story was about her dating " celebrities " and how he was going to be flying her out to see him Labor Day weekend. It was on a Friday and he still had not brought the ticket for her to fly out to see him, so she made plans. He called her Friday night and said "do you still want to come see me this weekend " and she said " sorry boo I already made plans ". He said well I am still going to buy your ticket for you to come tomorrow. She didn't take him seriously and went about her business ! He called her Saturday about an hour before the flight was to take off and said " are you still coming ?" and she said, " no, you didn't buy my plane ticket " He said, " yes I did " She told him to prove it and she wanted him to e-mail her the itinerary. He was like well I am in Atlantic City , she said " What ?" She was very upset about that because she was suppose to be there with him. She chalked it up and figured he wanted to have a " guys weekend. "

She ended up having fun with her friends that weekend and he did end up e-mailing her the itinerary on Monday and she said she felt a little stupid. He ended up flying her out last weekend to see him and he got injured again at the game. She said she feels like it's her because it seems like every time she goes to one of his games he gets injured. He will be sitting out for about 3 weeks. In the meantime she is back to work and her normal day to day routine and while she was over my house we were being creative making cards and she got a text message from him. All of a sudden she was like listen to this... and I said, " okay. "
She read the text and it said what would you say if I asked you to marry me and be my wife ? She texts him back and said you can do whatever you want to do if you put your mind to it.
He texts her back and said that is not what I asked you, so she texts him back and said well I thought you were kidding because you texts me that but of course I would be your wife, I am in this forever. He texts her back and simply said, "okay "

She knows she isn't engaged but I told her he wanted to know if she would say yes if he asked her to marry him. She said, " do you think so. " I said, " yes of course ! " We will see if the next time she sees him she will be engaged !!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Chores Are Done...

I told you guys I would give you a quick update when I finished my chores and I am proud to say I almost finished everything I had to do on my to do list, (from 2 days ago)

  1. My website is updated with a couple of cute new cards !

  2. I made some really cute new cards and envelopes and updated that on my website

  3. I didn't list anything on etsy yet but I will this evening !!
It's fun when you let yourself go and get creative there is no rules it's just what's in your heart ! Pick up a pen, some paper, glue and make yourself or someone special something this weekend. I guarantee it will put on smile on your face !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So many things so little time

I just realized today how many things I need to do. Why is it that you never have enough time in one day to complete all tasks...and I don't even have any kids I can't imagine throwing that in the mix..haha !

My to do list for today :
  1. Update my card collection on my website
  2. Make some new exciting cards tonight !
  3. List some fabulous hand crafted things on etsy this evening !

I know that seems like a short list..which I may be a little dramatic on all the things I need to do but it is a lot, or shall I say time consuming but I enjoy making things it makes me happy. I will let you know if I have finished my to do list tomorrow.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Long Distance Blues

My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship. I am sure someone out there knows the challenges of a long distance relationship,it just sucks. I am having the L.D blues ! I haven't seen my boyfriend since July. :( You can read more about the history of our relationship here & here. I miss him and his xoxo's (hugs & kisses) ! He is such a sweet heart and hard worker. He was planning on coming back down here to visit me this month but then work got in the way and he has been working long hours and couldn't get off of work, and if I went up there he would just be working..bites !

What's been keeping me going is planning the big three to the O birthday celebration with my lovely boyfriend, which has been keeping my mind off of his xoxo's ! (*wink ) I told you guys I would keep you updated so we finally narrowed it down to Puerto Rico or Riviera Maya. I have done lots of research on Puerto Rico and I need to start researching Mexico more seeing that we are going to be booking our trip soon. There is pros and cons to both locations. I know the food looks so yummy in San Juan, but I am thinking the weather will be better in Mexico in November. I just want the weather to be perfect ! It just has to be fabulous just because you only turn 30 once ! Besides having the L.D blues I am having to deal with the stress of where to go. I can't complain seeing that's the only thing I have to stress about, so I need to get out of this L.D funk and be grateful I have this problem..haha ! I will keep you all posted on when we finally decide where we are going !

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crafty Weekend

I was inspired to make some greeting cards this weekend, one of my favorite pastimes ! I love to hand stamp cards especially thank you cards and birthday cards ! You can never have to many thank you and birthday cards. I also made some really cute envelopes made from recycled map paper. I love the way they turned out... super cute !!

Friday, September 11, 2009

10 Random Things About Me :

I wanted to let you guys know a little more about me so here are 10 random things about me :
  1. I absolutely love scrapbooking
  2. I enjoy traveling
  3. Love Fridays
  4. I don't like when people hug me and there cheek touches my cheek (weird I know) it's the OCD
  5. My friends call me the paparazzi ( always get the perfect shot )
  6. Love to sleep in on Saturdays
  7. I don't like when people don't cough or sneeze in there forearm (drives me crazy )
  8. I love creating things and making handmade greeting cards
  9. I have an addiction to blank greeting cards and love to send them
  10. I am a middle child ( I have an older brother & younger sister )

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Work Breaks

I just realized today how left out I feel on my breaks at work. There is generally a group of us that go on break at the same time and the conversation generally is about my colleagues kids. They talk about how they dress up for softball games and cheerleading games. How they have to drop them off for practice and doing homework. All things mommy's have to deal with. The stories are really cute but nothing that I can really relate to. However I always seem to be the person to attract people that want to talk about there kids all day and show pictures and all that kind of stuff. Don't get me wrong its cute and all but I am not apart of the mommy world yet. So all my mommy friends don't get mad at me because your stories are really cute ! I know I will make a great mom one day but for right now...I just want to talk about shopping and traveling and crafts. I know, I know it's because I still am not a mommy I have time for all that.

I was just informed I must give props where props are due for all my crafty mommy friends !! Kudos's to you all for being able to juggle it all !! Love that and you all are inspirations to me.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blog Surfing

I was just surfing around on the net tonight catching up on the blogs I follow and it's amazing how much everyone has to say. I noticed that a lot of the mommy blogs are popular..mothers support each other. I also enjoy the traveling blogs and pictures ! However I don't see to many fierce blogs about the late 20 something that still isn't married and has no kids. I know there is still some of us out there. I know there is still some people that don't feel like they need to rush into marriage and kids the world is our oyster.

I feel like everyone should enjoy life first
~travel~dine~love~be free~ and live

I enjoy reading personal blogs. It's like peeking into there window to have a glimpse into there lives. I also love the artsy blogs and scrapbooking blogs those are so much fun to visit.
My search hasn't ended and there is thousands of blogs for me to discovery.

~Sweet Dreams ~

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Goody Finds

Over the weekend I was doing a little shopping and I came across what I like to call goody finds. I love shopping and I love to support people that make handmade things ! I was shopping in this artsy town called Little Five Points in downtown Atlanta and I came across Efi Designs. They hand make small wallets,bracelets and purses out of recycled t-shirts ! They also make necklaces out of little pieces of wood with hand painted designs on it. I love it and had to have a t-shirt wallet. The name of the company is called 100% cool. I think the name fits the company just perfect ! I love my new t-shirt wallet !

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ankh Tattoo

While my friend Velma and I were out and about over the weekend dining and shopping we stopped by a Crystal Store. I personally love crystals and the energy they provoke. She happened to see an ankh charm and told me she brought a pair of ankh earrings for her mom years ago. She told me her mom was ill several years ago and the ankh is commonly known as a representation of eternal life, she believes that helped her mom through her illness.

She said she would love to get an ankh tattoo and spontaneously said I want to get the tattoo today !! I said, "for real " ? She said, "yes" and so off we went to the tattoo parlor ! I must say I was very nervous this was the first time I was going to be witnessing someone getting inked before my eyes.

We get there and she is very calm as she sits in the chair and doesn't even flinch her eyes, I was very shocked !! I thought she was going to freak out but she didn't. Little did I know this was her 5'th tattoo !!

She took it like a champ and the tattoo came out really nice !! Pat/Duph (same person) did a great job and he says he can be found on myspace !

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Vortex

My friend and I went downtown Atlanta today for dinner and decided to go to the Vortex ! I ate at this restaurant a few years back and the food was okay, but I gave them another chance today. We walked in and they said the wait would be about 15 minutes or so and we said that was fine. They called my name fairly quick and as we walked up the lady that I am assuming was the manager said "follow me". She took us upstairs and outside and didn't even ask us if we wanted to be seated outside. When it's hot outside it's best to ask your customers if they would like to be seated inside or outside. That was the first strike against the Vortex.

The menu was plain boring ! They basically just had a bunch of different hamburgers on the menu and they randomly serve breakfast all day which just consists of omelets. In the middle of the menu they have a set of "Vortex Rules" very random. It said something about a no whining rule and it went on to say please do not whine if your neighbor is to loud or drunk and if you feel like you need to control your environment at all times then you need to stay home. Second strike.

The icing on the cake was when we were served our nasty cheeseburgers which tasted like charcoal all of sudden over the intercom we hear an angry voice. I am assuming it was the lady that seated us and she said " We all know Michael Jackson is gone but by playing his music over and over again it will not bring him back, so PLEASE stop playing his music on our jukebox." My friend and I looked at each other and said " WOW " ! That was strike three for me ! Plus on top of all that the service sucked !

You never know who is sitting in your restaurant so you should always have good service and be polite and that should be an automatic !

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh Pinky

I have to admit that I have some very unusual and interesting friends. I must share there stories because they are so juicy ! I always seem to meet people that need to see a psychologist and for some reason my friends come to me like I have a degree in psychology. Last time I checked I can use a shrink myself ! However my friends still think I am qualified to give them the "professional " help they need. I always said I would start charging them, especially seeing how many hours I sit down and listen to the same thing over and over again. Praise the Lord for blogging ! OK enough about me and my free therapy sessions lets start with the story.

This is a true story of a friend of mine and I will call her "Pinky".This all started my free therapy sessions and all a little over 6 yrs ago when I met Pinky. She was just an innocent or at least I thought teenager at the time. Over the years Pinky's true personality came out. She used to model and she has been an extra in some of the big box office movies and she has also been in music videos. She is a pretty girl and she knows that. You can't tell Pinky anything. She seems to attract " celebrities " as her boy toys. She has dated, basketball players,football players and entertainment stars.

Her recent boyfriend or boy toy whatever you want to call him is a football player for the NFL. I don't want to say the team but he is a really nice kid. She has brought him over to meet me a few times. Young kid just starting out and she loves herself some of him. She actually met him when she was dating someone else in the entertainment industry. The one she was dating previous to meeting the NFL star was really putting her through it, so she gave the NFL star a run for his money. She was tired of being dogged out and wants to be treated with the respect she thinks she deserves. I guess that was a good move for her because he said to her on several occasions he likes the challenge. He said he was tired of dating girls that did whatever he wanted them to do.

Dating someone in the spot light can be tough but it has it's perks ! He flies her out to see him and cooks breakfast in bed for her and really treats her nice, but she is still suspicious. As a matter she just went to see him this past weekend. She got to go to his game and he was injured during the game so that put a damper in there plans to party ! She stayed by his side and cleaned out around his condo and was just there for him. He promised her that he would fly her out to see him this weekend and they would go to Atlantic City and stay at the Trump Towers. However here it is Friday the day she would be leaving right after work and he keeps saying to her that he doesn't know what he is doing yet. She seems to think he is waiting around the book the ticket last minute because he has other plans that don't involve her. I said " oh Pinky don't jump to conclusions he may have a surprise for you ! " She wasn't going for that. What do you all think ? Do you think he has something else going on ? I will keep you all posted on what ends up happening.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bodies Exhibition

I finally got the chance to go to The Bodies Exhibition ! They actually have real human bodies that are preserved and they are displayed throughout the exhibition ! It was really exciting to see all the human parts up close and personal. It amazed me to see just how many parts we actually have and how everything functions and how everything looks when you get cancer or you smoke. My favorite part of the exhibit was the baby fetuses and what they look like at each stage. They show what stage the fingers and toes develop and at what stage the heart forms and starts to beat. At the end they actually had a human brain that you can touch, that was pretty neat to hold a brain in your hands. All in all it was a very informative exhibition ! I am glad that I went, I love doing stuff like that !!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Over the weekend I enjoyed catching up with one of my only single kid-free friends left Velma ! I love catching up with her and hearing all of her amusing dating stories. I am trying to get her to blog about it because it would be very entertaining, trust me !!

We enjoyed cocktails and tapas at one of my favorite restaurants, Twist ! The atmosphere is so Sex in the City and I love that scene. I had a drink called purple crush, and I am a simple kind of girl when it comes to food so I ordered my usual tapas a mini cheeseburger and french fries. Yeah that is a real mature meal for a person about to be 30, isn't it. Oh well at least I keep it real. If you live in the Atlanta area or just visiting check out it !!