Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bodies Exhibition

I finally got the chance to go to The Bodies Exhibition ! They actually have real human bodies that are preserved and they are displayed throughout the exhibition ! It was really exciting to see all the human parts up close and personal. It amazed me to see just how many parts we actually have and how everything functions and how everything looks when you get cancer or you smoke. My favorite part of the exhibit was the baby fetuses and what they look like at each stage. They show what stage the fingers and toes develop and at what stage the heart forms and starts to beat. At the end they actually had a human brain that you can touch, that was pretty neat to hold a brain in your hands. All in all it was a very informative exhibition ! I am glad that I went, I love doing stuff like that !!


  1. couldn't post the comment as your tru identity...."30isthenew20"???? Ooookkkkkk.....cute.

  2. I do know what you mean! The human body, for all it's faults, IS fascinating! This takes two forms with me--One is the kind you are experiencing, which comes up whenever I watch 'House, M.D." on T.V. or any kind of medical show, or even C.S.I., where the body is pulled apart and examined in any way. The Second interest comes from when I am drawing or painting or doing a portrait, trying to get down each of the unique shadows, jawlines, curve of the spine, bend of the arm, etc. of my model--a kind of wonder seizes me at the individuality of the species!

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  3. I saw Body World 2 last week. I imagine both shows are quite similar. It was quite educational and fascinating how they are all posed.

  4. Omg, must say that this all sounds very interesting, but I am not sure if I could have spent any minute on that Exhibition!

    Cut up human body parts.. oh dear.. just thinking about it freaks me out :D haha...
    but it still sounds interesting so I guess you had a great and for sure an unforgettable time!

    Thank you for sharing,
    Take care..