Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gash Jewels New Jewelry

I know I have mentioned that my etsy shop has some exciting changes, well I can finally announce the re-launch of Gash Jewels !! We are moving over to mostly all sterling silver pieces and we are still keeping our wedding line. Here are some exacting new children's jewelry that we have been working on...

Aren't they the cutest !! All the name pendants are sterling it !! Check out the shop for more pieces and we are adding more everyday !!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Festivals = Fun Times

I love this time of the year and all of the festivals and fairs that come around. I went to a fair over the weekend and enjoyed good food and fun rides !!

Fun Times !!

Monday, September 20, 2010

If you really knew me....

I love the new show on MTV called "If you really knew me". It comes on after Teen Mom and they travel to different high schools across America for a one day challenge day. They find the popular kids , the band geeks ,cheerleaders and whoever else that is judged in high school and they put them in groups and allow them to talk about how they feel in order to stop teen bullying & judging each other. The purpose of the show is to break up the cliques and to stop the judging and to get to know each other. It is a very powerful show. I wish they had something like that when I was in high school !!

If you watch the show then you know what happens when they break them up in groups. They start off by saying " If you really knew me you would know that .....and they go into there story..well this is my story.

If you really knew me you would know that I have been waiting patiently for my knight in shining armor to rescue me from the reality that I live in. Every single time I start dating again they end up being completely and utterly insane. I know that God has a plan for me and he will send me the right dude one day. However I am 30 and I am single again and it sucks. I would like to get started on having a family if that is in the cards for me or at least have a life long partner. So what is a single girl to do ?
If you really knew me you would know that I don't go out like that so staying home isn't going to find me my prince charming and my friends never have anyone to hook me up with and I wouldn't even if they did...bad experience.

However, if you really knew me you would know that I have a crush on this dude that is so hot and we have known each other for years and we have mutual friends and we have had fun nights together and we see each other from time to time. But I want to know how he feels and I want to know if I am just settling because I do not see my prince charming in my immediate future. I just don't know and I want to know. He is super simple in the fact that in all of these years we have never had an adult conversation about "us" I mean to be honest we are so different from each other I don't know if it would work, plus our schedules are so different. The only thing that I know is stuff I hear from our mutual friends like so and so said that he said that he likes you and this and that and its annoying. I wish he would just man up and talk to ME  ! It sounds so high schoolish, doesn't it ? I mean geesh some things never change. I have to be careful what I say because you never know who is reading this and I know he doesn't know that I blog so it's not like he is reading this and if he did read it I don't know if he would think it was him...hahaha !! I am good aren't I ?

I am just going to let things ride like I have been, but the thing is now I am starting to get impatient and I want things now and I think that is the brat in me ...wanting what I want when I want it which I have that power over him but when it comes to communicating about our feelings I don't really know what's good ? I feel like a school girl. Do you remember when you would write on a piece of paper check yes or no if you like me ? Hahah that is so how I feel. Will I ever know ?  Who knows... but we will see ! Only if he really knew me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NYC for my birthday

It's Official I am going back to NYC for my birthday in November !! I can not wait, I am so excited !! Last year I went to Pa and spent some time with family and friends and spent the day in NYC and this time I am spending the entire time in NYC !!

There is no place like the city of dreams !! I love New York the food, the atmosphere and of course the SHOPPING !!
There is so much we have planned to do for this long weekend. first we are planning on spending one night in Atlantic City and do a little gambling even though I only do the nickel and quarter slots..haha !!
Then Friday we are planning on going to see a broadway play and it's a toss up between the Lion King and Wicked, they both look like really good plays . Then the rest of the weekend it's all about the shopping.eating and whatever else the city brings us !! Yippie !! Hooray ...who else loves NYC ?

Monday, September 13, 2010

No Baby On Board by Iris

My lovely blogger bff Iris from my life in purple  gave me permission to re-post her post about not having any babies and the wonderful freedom that comes along with it !! I wanted to re-post it because I feel the same way and she couldn't have said it any better !! If you don't know who she is stop by I love her blog and she keeps it real !!

She wrote it for one of Mama Kat's workshops !!

A list of things you no longer have in common with your married/child bearing friends…and why you love them anyways.There seems to be a natural human order to how you're supposed to live your life: You grow up, you get married, you have babies.Well, I've never been one to play by the rules anyway.

I grew up dreaming of marriage and babies. I got married young, then shortly after, filed for divorce. Fell in love with someone else, and decide that happiness is all that matters to me. Babies are not in the cards for me. I personally love kids, don't think I don't, I just have no desire any longer to be a mother. I don't feel incomplete without a child of my own, and I think that most women who desire to be mothers feel that extra love in their heart, waiting to give it to a child.

I make no apologies for my childless life, even when some people don't understand it. Big and I are strong enough as a couple to live our lives as a happy family of two. Some people might think we live a selfish life, but I think it's more selfish to bring a child into this world just because you feel pressure by society to fulfill your 'mother role'.

I've reached a point in my life where about half of the people I went to high school with are married and having one or more children, and I get updated about them via Facebook. I see my baby mama friends a lot less often than I used to, but that's not for lack of trying to get together. Someone will get sick, and mom can't come out to play.

Here's how my life is taking the path less traveled.

- I get to have sex with the door open and don't have to worry about anyone hearing us

{ well, maybe the neighbours... }

- I've never wiped anyone's butt but my own

- My boobs are purely for show

- I try new recipes without having to worry about forcing someone to eat it

- We drive a completely impractical two-seater car

- Which channel is the Family Channel? No idea. Where's Skinemax? Oh, channel 185!

I deal with wine, and not whiners

- Big and I can pack up and take off for the weekend on whim

- My house is quiet almost all the time

- My purse is tiny has virtually nothing in it

{ no wet wipes, no tissues, no spare diaper }

- I own no plastic dishes

- I sleep through the whole night

- I'm not passing my family's bad medical history of cancers, heart disease, alcoholism or mental health issues on to anyone else But you know, I have thought a sippy cup could come in handy when I've been drinking wine...

But I love all of my baby breeder friends for things like:

- Getting to see their baby in an ultrasound or hearing their heartbeat for the first time

- Having an excuse to buy ridiculously cute tiny clothing

- Being their excuse to get out of the house and have fun

- I love to listen, so go ahead and tell me what you found jammed in the toilet

- Getting to be the fun aunt that their kids look forward to coming to see

{The one with the gum and the swear words }

By : Iris from My life in Purple

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


You know work really pisses me off !! Why can't I be one of those so called " celebs " born into privileges and the paparazzi follows me around for now apparent reason ? I work for a super small company and they love to put you on the spotlight when they feel like it. I come to work everyday and deal with these phony people and do my job and leave work at work.

Right now my little cubicle is in the back of the office. I am away from everyone so the sups can't see what I am doing unless they watch my screen. Which there is a few people here that really don't have a life and they sit up and watch my screen and others all dam day long. I usually bring in some of my jewelry and make pieces while it is slow at work. I am not bothering anyone and it is no different from surfing the Internet all day or being on facebook all day. So I was told today that my desk will be moved to the front. Why ? Only one logical reason because they want to SPY !! I really hate this place and these nosy freaks I work with !!

This is why I sacrifice all of my weekends working on my jewelry so that I can get out of here and work for MYSELF !! I dream of the day I can walk into this place and throw up the peace sign and walk out !! Believe and you shall receive !! I believe with all of my heart that I am worth more then this company is worth and can give me. I need to me mentally challenged and I want to wake up and be excited for what the day has to hold for me at work. Don't get me wrong I am grateful that I have a job and it pays the bills but I want a career that I enjoy and creating things make me happy and fills my heart with joy !!

Say a little prayer for me that I finally get my break and work with people that appreciate that I am a hard worker !! I also would like to say some people I work with are my friends and I enjoy there company and if you are reading this you know who you are and who I am talking about !! Anyway I am going to press PUBLISH right now and let it be known that I am frustrated but none the less grateful for the blessings that I do have in my life.