Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Favorite Nail Polish

I love a good nail polish and I like it even better when it drys quick. I must say I have a huge selection of nail polish but for the past year now I have been hooked to Sally Hansen Insta- Dry nail polish !! It literally dries in 60 seconds with one coat. I usually put two coats on and it dries in 2 minutes. I love it because most of the time I am painting my nails on the way out the door so this is perfect for me.

The colors I have so far are lightening (yellow), sonic bloom, midnight blue, mauve it ( which is my favorite light pink color ), I have a peachy bright pink color and of course clear. If you haven't tried it yet you need to pick up a bottle. They run about $4.50 a bottle and you can get them at any drugstore or Walmart.
What is your favorite nail polish ?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Picture Fun

Boy how time flies when you are having fun !! Here it is April already ! I got my Diana Mini Camera in a few weeks ago and I have been having fun playing with it. They have all sorts of competitions on and I have joined at least 4 of them. I am so excited !!

I must admit shooting with 35mm film is harder then I thought it would be. My first roll of film I got developed only 6 pictures came out. I got so used to the digital world and seeing the pictures right away, that it was weird not being able to see if you got a good shot !! That is the beauty about the camera. You can not think you need to just shoot and be free with it. So here are a few photos I have taken with my new camera.

All of the above photos were taken with my Diana mini and I am so proud of them. One of these weekends I am going to get lost in the city and just be free and take random photos !!

I also have another lomography camera called the supersampler, which I have had for years and I found it and I love the way the photos turn out. You get 4 shots in one. It's pretty cool !!

I love taking pictures it's so much fun. All the the competitions going on over at lomography has my blood boiling with creativity !! Have a great week everyone !!