Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What A Happy Heart Day

My Valentine weekend was so sweet ! This is the first Valentine I have had in years, one that really went all out of his way for me. We celebrated over the weekend and I arrived at his house and he had roses for me and they were everywhere! He had them on the table and in his bathroom and hanging on the wall. It was very sweet and he even had one in his car for me !  He made reservations at this really nice resturant called Joey D's Oak Room. The ambiance was very nice and the food was good ! We had great dinner conversation and everything was perfect ! I was pleased with just that. Well once we got home and I went in his room he had rose petals all over his bed for me with a basket full of scrapbooking stickers !

It was so sweet ! Everyone that knows me knows that I heart scrapbooking and I am always looking for stickers for my scrapbooks, you can never have enough and I just thought that was so thoughtful and sweet of him ! He also had a Hello Kitty card which he knows I love and it was a thank you card and it said thank you for being my Valentine ! I started tearing up because he actually thought about me and did something creative ! I like him and I am so glad we gave each other a chance to really get to know each other !

I hope everyone had a wonder heart day full of love... muah !

Monday, February 7, 2011

Jury Duty

Its been a few weeks since I last updated you ! I've been super busy with birthday parties & weddings which I promise to update with pictures soon ! However at this very moment I am bored out of my mind because I have been selected for Jury Duty ! Why me and they have assigned me a judge so I guess this means I have to go to trail. I didn't bring anything to do not even a book. What sucks more is I'm sitting next to this weird lady that keeps yawning and breathing heavy and blowing her nose and I want to scream STOP it ! Dam doesn't she know I have OCD ! Like really, yeah seriously !! How many times can you yawn ?? I could be doing other things ! Wish me luck folks ! I hope I can get out of this !