Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Feeling Better

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever and I really haven't. I was sick all weekend. I had a pretty bad head cold so I didn't do anything but lay in bed all weekend. I took the day off of work yesterday and today I am just now getting back into the swing of things. I said I would do a vlog and answer all the questions from my previous post but I sounded like a man over the weekend so that wouldn't have been cute and plus I only got 3 questions. What's up with that ?? I am starting to wonder does anyone read my post anymore ? I would like to thank the few that did participate but what about the rest of you ? Maybe no one really has any questions for me or maybe I am not that interesting. I don't know, you tell me. What would you like to hear more about on my blog ? Any suggestions ? I know a lot of you blog about your kids or your husbands or boyfriends, but I am in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend Mr. C so there really isn't much to blog about there. Even though I love reading about other peoples adventures with there hubby's and boyfriends.

Forgive me I am thinking out loud and plus I am still high off of Tylenol..hehe ! I know that you all know that my latest love right now is making jewelry. Well besides working with lots of beads and resin. I came across a few blogs about miniature food artist and people that make these jewelry out of polymer clay that looks like food. There is a whole little miniature food artist world out there and it's pretty interesting. Some of them make the food for doll houses and some are jewelry. I love it and I decided to play around with it and I made this....

It's a miniature grilled cheese sandwich...can you tell ?

Isn't it cute ! You can't really see the details of it because I took the picture with my iPhone !

This blog gave me the inspiration to try this cute little necklace I made !

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ask and I shall Tell

Ok so since I have over 100 readers I thought I would ask you all if you have any questions for me ?
Anything you want to know. Do you want to know what my favorite hobbies are, or my favorite books..the hot spots I chill at ? Why I have OCD when it comes to germs ? Why the sky is blue or whats my favorite number is...whatever you want !
I will make a Vlog this weekend and answer the questions !

Monday, January 18, 2010

Message To You

Hello All !! I am sorry for the lack of comments on all of your blogs...I have been trying to balance working and working on my jewelry collection ! Things have been super hectic but I promise I will catch up on all of your blogs soon !! I can't wait to show you all pictures of what I have been working on !

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shopping Etiquette

I was talking to a co-worker yesterday about shopping etiquette. We got on this random subject because I was telling her that over the weekend I was at Burlington Coat Factory with my dad shopping for a new cute peacoat for my mom. I was walking up and down the isles looking at different coats and all of a sudden out of know where this girl was like in my face and was less then a foot away looking at a coat and I let out a sigh and walked away. I was just thinking wow that is rude to get so close to someone while they are shopping.

It gets better, so I walked down a few isles and was looking at some other things and came back down to where the coats were and that same girl was like right behind me as I walked down the isle. I walked down the isle fast because I didn't see anything and walked in the isle where by dad was and don't you know that she hurried up and walked right past me and stood behind my dad ( as he was looking through the racks and had is hand on a hanger to pick up a coat ) and she crossed her arm over his hand to grab a coat, when the whole isle had coats. At that point I had enough so I said, " don't test me " and I looked right at her as I said that and she just stared at me. Then I got a little extra and I said, " geesh I know I have good taste and all." hahha !! After that she ran the other direction. Sometimes you need to let people know what's up !

So the moral of the story is please give people at least 3 feet when you are looking at clothes, Do not run up on people like you are crazy !! Same thing applies when you are standing in line to check out. Please do not stand close enough to the back of the person that you can whisper sweet nothings in there ear. Is anyone with me on this ? That drives me CRAZY !!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sweet T

Last week I got to catch up with one of my friends Sweet T ! She said she wanted one of her girlfriends to come over and see how her new room in her house is coming along. Sweet T and her boyfriend are expecting a little one in less then one month, so they moved there bedroom upstairs and built a closest and it looks fabulous ! Her boyfriend did a great job and the room is huge it looks like a small apartment they even put a projector on the wall for movies and everything ! It was nice catching up with her. Most of my friends are married or have kids so it's nice to visit with them once and a while.

She had a sweet tooth that night and she decided to make white chocolate covered strawberries and showed me how to make them. She said I need practice for when I get married and have a family life. I didn't know it was so simple to make chocolate covered strawberries. She just brought the white chocolate that came in blocks and melted it in a non-stick pan and carefully stirred it as it melted. She did make one little mistake, she put Pam in the pan before melting it and the white chocolate started to turn brown...yeeks !! None the less it was still tasty..even though I don't like strawberries. ( I know you are thinking..well what the heck do you like ) I do like pizza !! Hehe !

Sweet T made a sweet treat and they came out so cute !

Monday, January 11, 2010

Busy Bee get to know me

I mentioned in my last post I have been super busy and this past weekend was no exception I went to a friends graduation party. She graduated with her Masters Degree and she had a huge buffet style dinner party and a huge two layer cake that was more like a wedding reception then a graduation party. She is real extra so she went all out for this ! She is a grown adult and she had to have something extravagant instead of asking a few people to go out to dinner with her. She is one that needs attention but none the less it was nice. Yesterday I went out to eat with the family for my Mom's Birthday ! She wanted seafood so we went for seafood and I ordered chicken fingers off the kid menu because I don't like any sort of seafood..lol ! I also have been working on my jewelry pieces and I can't wait to share them all with you !

That is the latest on me ! I wanted leave you all with some extra stuff to read for all my new followers ! I am so thrilled that after 5 months of blogging I have reached 100 readers ! That is so exciting and just to get to know me a little better here are some fun things about me.

  1. My very first blog post !
  2. This is a little background on me and my boyfriend Mr.C.. part 1
  3. Then there is a part 2 --our story is long
  4. Oh and I almost forget 10 random things about me

That should be enough for my new followers to get to know me but feel free to read back on some of my post !! Hope all is well with you all..smooches xoxo

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Craft Resolutions

Hello All ! I have been sort of MIA lately because work has been absolutely crazy busy ! By the time I get home I am so sleepy I have no energy to blog, so sorry folks for my lack of comments lately. I am also embarking on some new adventures this year and I am so excited about it. Everyone that knows me knows that I am all things crafty ! I love making things and so my latest adventure will be learning how to make jewelry and I will tell you about my class I will be taking for a few months in a week or so.

Here is my 2010 list of Craft Resolutions :

  1. To follow through and complete crafts that I start
  2. To take my on-line company and expand it this year by adding a jewelry collection
  3. Not to give up when sales are slow
  4. To become the best artist I can be
  5. And last but not least have Fun and follow my hearts desires !

I am so ready to Rock and Roll for 2010 !! Whoop --Whoop !!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Keeping up with the Kardashians

I have to say I love the show ! It is my guilty pleasure and this season is the juiciest ! They have all come such a long way since the first season. I still can't believe that Kourtney had a baby by her crazy boyfriend Scott. I am sorry but she should have left him a long time ago. When Kourtney and Khloe did there show in Miami ,she knew she was further along then they made it seem in the show. That is just crazy that she was acting like she wasn't seeing him for the longest and then she popped up pregnant !! I don't know how many times Scott can walk all over her before she finally puts her foot down and leaves him ! ( Can I get an Amen on that please ! )

I am team Khloe she keeps it real and I love that she slapped Scott across the face. That was too funny ! She did get married really quick but I guess when you know you know. I hope her marriage last forever ! Kim and Reggie I don't know he is so much younger then her and he is huge in the football world ( I think ) so you know how it is when your young and famous ! Or at least how they make it seem in the tabloids.

Did anyone watch the episode from last week ? I can't believe that Rob cheated on Adrian and that is why they broke up. He didn't seem like a cheater that's crazy and now the poor thing is going crazy over her. That is what he gets ! All in all I am a fan of the show they are all so extra and dramatic ..loves it a.k.a as Paris would say ! Ha

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cheers to 2010

I had a nice quiet NYE at home with my parents,sister and b-i-l. We rang in the New Years drinking some Nuvo and one of my personal favorites apple martini's !

This was the first time I tried Nuvo, it is a sparkling liqueur. It is quite tasty ! If you like sweet drinks or wine this is for you ! You must try it and ..

of course everyone knows how yummy apple martini's are! That is what I was sipping on NYE !
Last year was great and this year will be even better !! I started by blog 5 months ago and I already have 91 wonderful followers !! Thank you all for your uplifting, positive and funny comments you leave me. I am looking forward to another great happy and healthy year !!

Before the stroke of midnight we all decided to play the Wii ! My sister brought her Wii resort game over and showed us all the games you get with it and the bow and arrow game is so much fun. When you pull back on the bow and arrow it sounds and feels so real, here is a quick video of my sister playing, she really gets into ! There is nothing better then some good old family fun time ! Cheers to 2010 !

Friday, January 1, 2010

Glamourous Blog Award

I am so happy to announce that I received another fabulous award from my blogger bff Purple. She is fabulous in every way and I thank you for passing this along to me ! If you don't know her stop by & say hi!
This didn't come with any rules when it was passed along to me so I am going to pass this blog along to 5 new blogs I recently started following over the past month or so.

  1. Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic -- She is so funny and she keeps it real she is one of my new favorites
  2. The Single Girl and the City Her stories are very interesting and brings me back to when I was her age. She is another blogger that doesn't hold back and I appreciate her honesty !
  3. Kelsey @ The Seattle Smith's -- She is so adorable and I enjoy reading about her adventures in Seattle !
  4. Adventures of The Wilkensons I enjoy reading about her fun finds and daily adventures !
  5. Pammy Ponders @ Reflectorville - She is my newest follower and I haven't had the chance to catch up on her blog yet but she seems absolutely fabulous !!
Please take a moment and stop by all of these fabulous blogs !! I heart them all !! Thanks ladies for all your great blog post ! Since there was no rules when this blog award was passed on to me...pass it along to whom ever you like !!

Smooches and Happy New Years