Monday, January 11, 2010

Busy Bee get to know me

I mentioned in my last post I have been super busy and this past weekend was no exception I went to a friends graduation party. She graduated with her Masters Degree and she had a huge buffet style dinner party and a huge two layer cake that was more like a wedding reception then a graduation party. She is real extra so she went all out for this ! She is a grown adult and she had to have something extravagant instead of asking a few people to go out to dinner with her. She is one that needs attention but none the less it was nice. Yesterday I went out to eat with the family for my Mom's Birthday ! She wanted seafood so we went for seafood and I ordered chicken fingers off the kid menu because I don't like any sort of ! I also have been working on my jewelry pieces and I can't wait to share them all with you !

That is the latest on me ! I wanted leave you all with some extra stuff to read for all my new followers ! I am so thrilled that after 5 months of blogging I have reached 100 readers ! That is so exciting and just to get to know me a little better here are some fun things about me.

  1. My very first blog post !
  2. This is a little background on me and my boyfriend Mr.C.. part 1
  3. Then there is a part 2 --our story is long
  4. Oh and I almost forget 10 random things about me

That should be enough for my new followers to get to know me but feel free to read back on some of my post !! Hope all is well with you all..smooches xoxo


  1. LOVED YOUR BLOG Ashley!!!
    Congratulations on your 100th Follower!