Friday, September 11, 2009

10 Random Things About Me :

I wanted to let you guys know a little more about me so here are 10 random things about me :
  1. I absolutely love scrapbooking
  2. I enjoy traveling
  3. Love Fridays
  4. I don't like when people hug me and there cheek touches my cheek (weird I know) it's the OCD
  5. My friends call me the paparazzi ( always get the perfect shot )
  6. Love to sleep in on Saturdays
  7. I don't like when people don't cough or sneeze in there forearm (drives me crazy )
  8. I love creating things and making handmade greeting cards
  9. I have an addiction to blank greeting cards and love to send them
  10. I am a middle child ( I have an older brother & younger sister )


  1. I love scrapbooking too! :)

    And my friends call me paparazzi cuz I get such bad shots of them, not good. Lol.