Thursday, September 10, 2009

Work Breaks

I just realized today how left out I feel on my breaks at work. There is generally a group of us that go on break at the same time and the conversation generally is about my colleagues kids. They talk about how they dress up for softball games and cheerleading games. How they have to drop them off for practice and doing homework. All things mommy's have to deal with. The stories are really cute but nothing that I can really relate to. However I always seem to be the person to attract people that want to talk about there kids all day and show pictures and all that kind of stuff. Don't get me wrong its cute and all but I am not apart of the mommy world yet. So all my mommy friends don't get mad at me because your stories are really cute ! I know I will make a great mom one day but for right now...I just want to talk about shopping and traveling and crafts. I know, I know it's because I still am not a mommy I have time for all that.

I was just informed I must give props where props are due for all my crafty mommy friends !! Kudos's to you all for being able to juggle it all !! Love that and you all are inspirations to me.

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