Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh Pinky

I have to admit that I have some very unusual and interesting friends. I must share there stories because they are so juicy ! I always seem to meet people that need to see a psychologist and for some reason my friends come to me like I have a degree in psychology. Last time I checked I can use a shrink myself ! However my friends still think I am qualified to give them the "professional " help they need. I always said I would start charging them, especially seeing how many hours I sit down and listen to the same thing over and over again. Praise the Lord for blogging ! OK enough about me and my free therapy sessions lets start with the story.

This is a true story of a friend of mine and I will call her "Pinky".This all started my free therapy sessions and all a little over 6 yrs ago when I met Pinky. She was just an innocent or at least I thought teenager at the time. Over the years Pinky's true personality came out. She used to model and she has been an extra in some of the big box office movies and she has also been in music videos. She is a pretty girl and she knows that. You can't tell Pinky anything. She seems to attract " celebrities " as her boy toys. She has dated, basketball players,football players and entertainment stars.

Her recent boyfriend or boy toy whatever you want to call him is a football player for the NFL. I don't want to say the team but he is a really nice kid. She has brought him over to meet me a few times. Young kid just starting out and she loves herself some of him. She actually met him when she was dating someone else in the entertainment industry. The one she was dating previous to meeting the NFL star was really putting her through it, so she gave the NFL star a run for his money. She was tired of being dogged out and wants to be treated with the respect she thinks she deserves. I guess that was a good move for her because he said to her on several occasions he likes the challenge. He said he was tired of dating girls that did whatever he wanted them to do.

Dating someone in the spot light can be tough but it has it's perks ! He flies her out to see him and cooks breakfast in bed for her and really treats her nice, but she is still suspicious. As a matter she just went to see him this past weekend. She got to go to his game and he was injured during the game so that put a damper in there plans to party ! She stayed by his side and cleaned out around his condo and was just there for him. He promised her that he would fly her out to see him this weekend and they would go to Atlantic City and stay at the Trump Towers. However here it is Friday the day she would be leaving right after work and he keeps saying to her that he doesn't know what he is doing yet. She seems to think he is waiting around the book the ticket last minute because he has other plans that don't involve her. I said " oh Pinky don't jump to conclusions he may have a surprise for you ! " She wasn't going for that. What do you all think ? Do you think he has something else going on ? I will keep you all posted on what ends up happening.

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