Monday, September 14, 2009

Long Distance Blues

My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship. I am sure someone out there knows the challenges of a long distance relationship,it just sucks. I am having the L.D blues ! I haven't seen my boyfriend since July. :( You can read more about the history of our relationship here & here. I miss him and his xoxo's (hugs & kisses) ! He is such a sweet heart and hard worker. He was planning on coming back down here to visit me this month but then work got in the way and he has been working long hours and couldn't get off of work, and if I went up there he would just be working..bites !

What's been keeping me going is planning the big three to the O birthday celebration with my lovely boyfriend, which has been keeping my mind off of his xoxo's ! (*wink ) I told you guys I would keep you updated so we finally narrowed it down to Puerto Rico or Riviera Maya. I have done lots of research on Puerto Rico and I need to start researching Mexico more seeing that we are going to be booking our trip soon. There is pros and cons to both locations. I know the food looks so yummy in San Juan, but I am thinking the weather will be better in Mexico in November. I just want the weather to be perfect ! It just has to be fabulous just because you only turn 30 once ! Besides having the L.D blues I am having to deal with the stress of where to go. I can't complain seeing that's the only thing I have to stress about, so I need to get out of this L.D funk and be grateful I have this problem..haha ! I will keep you all posted on when we finally decide where we are going !

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