Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthdays, Baby Showers and A Date !

It would be wonderful to have an assistant to book all of my events that I go to every weekend so I won't forget. I guess that is what my iphone 4 is for. I am sure they have an app for people that can't remember there schedule..hah ! However I am happy that I remembered these events because I had fun.

First young buck friend Bella aka Snooki had a birthday and she sure knows how to celebrate. She was popping bottles all night long ! She looked amazing and she was the star for the evening !

Popping the first bottle

Blowing out her candle..

And going for the second bottle !

Then being cute with her boo...awwww !!

All is all the night was uber fun and I am glad that Bella had a blast !! Happy 25'th Snook !

This past weekend I had a baby shower and they are always fun. My sisters friend that she went to high school with...aww where does the time go. I still can't believe they are not in high school anymore and most of them are married with children. I still look at them all as being my baby sisters.

It's pretty cool that my sister ( the one in yellow) and all of her friends are still good friends after all these years !!

My sister helped host the event and got crafty and made cake pops !! I am so proud of her for making them all by hand !! They came out sooo cute and super sweet !

Another friend made the cupcakes !

After all the food and treats came all of the gifts !

So happy for the adorable couple !!

Last and certainly not least was my date !! It was our second date this past weekend and I was really impressed with him. He is so cute and so polite and I am totally crushing on him. He took me to this restaurant called Cheeky. It was a Mexican restaurant that had these huge windows that are open to the outside so it brings a little bit of outdoors inside. It was nice and the food was yummy ! I also thought it was cute that they had wooden menu's !

(sorry about the picture being sideways ) It wouldn't let me fix it

After we finished dinner we went to go see the movie " Social Network " The Facebook movie and it was pretty good. I just joined facebook this year so I didn't know about all the history but it was a good movie. After that we said good night and this weekend will make our 3'rd date ! I am honestly excited and I can't wait to share.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Freestyle Friday : Busy Weekend

Freestyle Friday is my thing I do from time to time. Freeystyle Friday is all about freestyling what is on your mind.  If you would like to play along Freestyle your heart away on your blog and just link back to me.

Busy Weekend ahead ! Tonight I am doing dinner with some friends and then after that I am going to see my sisters in-laws that are in town. Tomorrow I have a craft show and the second date with the dude I went out with last week. I haven't decided what nickname to call him that is if he makes it to nickname status.. Hmmmm and then Sunday I have a baby shower all  in one weekend.

This is one of the gifts I am giving to my friend on Sunday

I also made her a baby bracelet with the baby's name and little tiny cute !! I am looking forward to this weekends events and I can't wait to update you on it and the other events in the past few weeks. I have just been so busy it's hard for me to hop on and give you all an update. I have also been slowly catching up on everyone else's blog but it seems like everyone else is just as busy as I am because a lot of my favorites haven't updated in a while so it doesn't make me feel as bad. Anyway enjoy your weekend and HAPPY FRIDAY !!

Monday, October 18, 2010

First Date Update

Saturday Night was the " big night " ...a first date with a really nice guy. I was sort of nervous because it had been a super long time since I went on a date. It was crazy how nervous I was. It took me a few hours to get ready and I did take a before picture . I didn't get a full body shot but my outfit was cute. I wore a Kim K. style black blazer and a black tank and some skinny jeans.

It took me a minute to get out of my car and I finally got out and walked up to the front door where we were meeting and when I walked up he said .. " lovely " lol We played a little pool and then ate dinner and played some games. It was a nice time. I think he was little nervous. He seems like a really nice guy so we are going on another date this weekend. Thanks to everyone that wished me luck...because I survived

Friday, October 15, 2010

Freestyle Friday : First Date Jitters

It has been months since the last time I did Freestyle Friday I thought I would bring it back with something interesting . If you would like to play along Freestyle your heart away on your blog and just link back to me.

It's every girls dream to meet her knight in shining armor and ride off on a white horse on the beach in crystal clear water over looking the sunset...oh sorry there I go off in la la land again, as you can see I have spent lots of time fantasizing about "the perfect man ".  I know there is no such thing but we all have our fantasies. 

First dates can be so awkward and nerve racking so I took to Cosmo for some first date rules ! They have some very interesting tips for all my single ladies out there. However everyone is different. I tend to just dream of being with a nice man instead of actually taking the actions to meet one. I realized spending most of my weekends at home working on jewelry,making cards or scrapbooking isn't going to get me that horse ride on the beach. So I just let go and let God. I spent these last few months focusing on things I enjoy doing instead of trying to find a rebound after my surprising break up. Everything happens for a reason and I am so glad everything worked out the way it did and I am were I am right now in life. I am so happy and happy for the people that are in my life ! Positive thinking goes a long way !!

I met a guy  a little over a week ago and we are going on our first date tomorrow night. As much as I fantasize about meeting "the perfect man " I hate dating. It's just awkward and weird and I get so nervous. I don't know why but I just do. I guess because I am a super shy person. It's weird because I consider myself an actress and I can get on stage in front of 500 people and be just fine, because I am in "character ". In a small social settings I am just me and I am just naturally shy. Is that weird ? He seems really nice and he has a since of humor so it should be interesting ! I don't know if it's premature for me to already be talking about going on a first date with him or not on my blog, (thank goodness he doesn't know I blog yet ) but if none the less it will be something to blog about !! Raise your glasses to me tonight for all of you that are going out for a after hours cocktail and wish me luck !!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

October Already

Is it October already ? Wow where has the time gone ? I have been super, super busy lately and just working hard on my Etsy shop. We have re-launched the entire shop so everything is different now !!

The last few weeks I have had birthday parties to attend and didn't have time to update on it. It was lots of fun and I promise to post pictures soon !

Other then that I think I have a new crush..hmmm he seems to be really nice and I am excited to see what the future has in store for us. I will keep you posted on that as well.  I hope everyone has a good week.