Monday, October 18, 2010

First Date Update

Saturday Night was the " big night " ...a first date with a really nice guy. I was sort of nervous because it had been a super long time since I went on a date. It was crazy how nervous I was. It took me a few hours to get ready and I did take a before picture . I didn't get a full body shot but my outfit was cute. I wore a Kim K. style black blazer and a black tank and some skinny jeans.

It took me a minute to get out of my car and I finally got out and walked up to the front door where we were meeting and when I walked up he said .. " lovely " lol We played a little pool and then ate dinner and played some games. It was a nice time. I think he was little nervous. He seems like a really nice guy so we are going on another date this weekend. Thanks to everyone that wished me luck...because I survived

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