Friday, October 22, 2010

Freestyle Friday : Busy Weekend

Freestyle Friday is my thing I do from time to time. Freeystyle Friday is all about freestyling what is on your mind.  If you would like to play along Freestyle your heart away on your blog and just link back to me.

Busy Weekend ahead ! Tonight I am doing dinner with some friends and then after that I am going to see my sisters in-laws that are in town. Tomorrow I have a craft show and the second date with the dude I went out with last week. I haven't decided what nickname to call him that is if he makes it to nickname status.. Hmmmm and then Sunday I have a baby shower all  in one weekend.

This is one of the gifts I am giving to my friend on Sunday

I also made her a baby bracelet with the baby's name and little tiny cute !! I am looking forward to this weekends events and I can't wait to update you on it and the other events in the past few weeks. I have just been so busy it's hard for me to hop on and give you all an update. I have also been slowly catching up on everyone else's blog but it seems like everyone else is just as busy as I am because a lot of my favorites haven't updated in a while so it doesn't make me feel as bad. Anyway enjoy your weekend and HAPPY FRIDAY !!

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