Sunday, August 30, 2009


Dialogue in the dark is a unique exhibit that allows you to experience the life in the eyes of a blind person in one hour ! This is an exhibit like no other because you can not use your one sense that you rely on the most, your sight ! You are lead through different rooms by your tour guide using a long walking cane. Each room is set to be a distinctive location and you need to use all your other senses to figure out where you are ! It is amazing how your senses come alive once one is gone! The experience at Dialogue in the dark allowed me to realize that once you don't have sight to remember a face or a location you can rely on your sense of hearing voices to remember a person and sounds to remember a location. This opportunity allowed me to embrace the unknown instead of being afraid of the unknown !
This is a must see if you live in the Atlanta area or if you enjoy traveling check out all of there locations abroad !

Friday, August 28, 2009

Part II Of My High School Sweet Heart

After we graduated from high school reality of what a relationship is all about sunk in for the first time. He graduated before me and opted not to go away to college, and when I graduated from high school things changed. My dad's job decided to relocate him to Georgia. That is a big change seeing that I grew up in Pennsylvania. I was sad to leave my boyfriend and all my friends but I was excited to see what the future had in store for me. That is how our long distance relationship was born ! We did the long distance relationship thing for two long years until he moved to Georgia. When he moved here we had been together for 6 years ! I was 21 and he was 23 years old at the time and when he moved we realized how we both grew into different people. He stayed in Georgia for one year and decided to move back to Pa. We split up for the next 4 years.

This is where it gets complicated. We didn't see or speak to each for the 4 years that we split up until he sent me an email and wished me a happy 25'th birthday. It was shocking to hear from him seeing that it had been so long since we spoke. I do know a little secret that he didn't think that I knew but for those 4 years that we didn't speak he would call my phone from a private number and not say anything at least once a month. I told my friends and family but no one believed me but I knew it was him stalking me like that. Men aren't always the brightest !! LOL Anyway we started e-mailing each other and talking on the phone and then he came to visit me and things just moved so fast. It was weird. Here I was staring my high school sweet heart in the face and I didn't know how I felt about it. Needless to say we just weren't ready to give each other that full time commitment so it fizzled.

Time flies when you are trying to figure out life and what's next and before you knew it another 4 years passed before we saw each other again. We would drop an e-mail & a phone call here and there to touch base. We really worked on rebuilding our friendship. We both compared crazy dating stories and just talked about life. I felt as well as he it was time to see each other again so I asked him to be my date to my sisters wedding. This time it's a wrap ! We are grown adults and we really mesh well together and for some reason the stars continue to align for us to make our way back into each others lives ! Needless to say my high school sweet heart is my current boyfriend ! We are giving each other another chance now that we are adults and I must saying I am loving it !

My High School Sweet Heart Part I

Our story is confusing and drawn out but interesting to say the least ! It all started when I was 14 years old. He was my cousins next door neighbor. I was outside playing with my younger cousins and I said, "wow who is that ? ". My cousin went on to tell me the details. I found out he was older then me by 2 years and went to public school. We would say hello when passing each other and sometimes he would even stop to talk to me. He was really sweet and I could tell he had a gentle soul. Since I was only in the eighth grade when I met him it wasn't like I was going to be seeing a whole lot of him anytime soon. My parents were extremely strict and there was definitely no dating going on when I was only fourteen. We would only see each other here and there for the next couple of years before we actually started dating.

Fast forwarding two years and I was sixteen and had lost most of my chunky adolescent weight and was fairly hot if I must say so myself. I went to private school and as I mentioned he went to public school so we rarely saw each other. To switch it up my best friend and I would go to the public school track meets and football games sometimes. One night we decided to go to a track meet and he was there. I said hello and he almost didn't recognize me since I had lost weight and was "cute " now, lol ! We started talking and as they say the rest was history.

We started dating and we went to each others Proms and had a wonderful high school dating experience. He was a jock that played football, ran track and was the cute all American athlete. I was the little preppy girl that wore a uniform, was on the drama team in all my school plays, ran track and tried to do the athletic thing but was better at the drama thing more then anything !

That was the beginning of our 6 year relationship ! Our high school relationship was light hearted and fun and just the beginning of many years together. Stay tuned for part II of my relationship with my high school sweet heart !

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Working 9 to 5

I work a glamorous customer service job, confined to a cubicle ! I ask people for there telephone number and they give me there zip code. I ask them what county they live in and they say, " I don't know " but they say " I can give you the city ". They say it so proud like they are going to get a gold star for knowing what city they live in. I am surprised that most know what there address is. Oh how I wish I can turn back the hands of time to high school. I would have made different decisions for sure !! I think we all look back at one point or another and wish we could have made different choices. It can always be worse so I can not complain, at least I have a job ! Everyone knows what our economy is looking like these days. However it does not stop me from dreaming about my dream job ! In a later post I will go over what my dream job is. Happy dreaming people !

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big three to the O !!

This year I will be the big three O ! I am going to do a more mature trip and go to an island with my boyfriend. I am just going to lay out and soak up the sun !! I have been doing to much of what I call " working vacations ". Working vacations is just that work, walking, walking & more walking. You find yourself waking up early trying to jam every sightseeing activity into a long weekend. By the time you get home you need another vacation. I am over that ! I just want to lay on the beach, sip on some wine and lay on a massage table. I don't know where we are going yet but I will keep you all posted ! It will be some place pretty like the picture below !

30 Is The New 20 Something

30 Is The New 20 Something is different from 30 is the new 20. Why ? Who really wants to be twenty again when you just turned 30. Taking the decade to really age like a fine wine. Now if you ask me if I would like to return to my earlier years being twenty something on certain days I may agree. That is just to be able to deal with the hangovers a little better and the patients to deal with the occasional friends birthday party at a club. That was the joy about being in my early twenties.

Last year I celebrated my 29'th birthday in Vegas ! I figured no better place to celebrate my last year in my twenties then Sin City !! The Scene was crazy ! That was my second time in Vegas and I had an amazing time. There wasn't to many people that can come celebrate with me since we are in the middle of a recession, however the few that did said, " screw the economy lets party" !! Now you know those are true friends !! Love that attitude. I have to say a must see is Zumanity, it is a provocative show by Cirque Du Soleil ! Hey don't ask just go see it, you're in Vegas and what happens in Vegas.. you know the rest !!

Thank God for best friends and family, screw the economy girls !! Fun times !