Tuesday, August 25, 2009

30 Is The New 20 Something

30 Is The New 20 Something is different from 30 is the new 20. Why ? Who really wants to be twenty again when you just turned 30. Taking the decade to really age like a fine wine. Now if you ask me if I would like to return to my earlier years being twenty something on certain days I may agree. That is just to be able to deal with the hangovers a little better and the patients to deal with the occasional friends birthday party at a club. That was the joy about being in my early twenties.

Last year I celebrated my 29'th birthday in Vegas ! I figured no better place to celebrate my last year in my twenties then Sin City !! The Scene was crazy ! That was my second time in Vegas and I had an amazing time. There wasn't to many people that can come celebrate with me since we are in the middle of a recession, however the few that did said, " screw the economy lets party" !! Now you know those are true friends !! Love that attitude. I have to say a must see is Zumanity, it is a provocative show by Cirque Du Soleil ! Hey don't ask just go see it, you're in Vegas and what happens in Vegas.. you know the rest !!

Thank God for best friends and family, screw the economy girls !! Fun times !

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