Friday, August 28, 2009

My High School Sweet Heart Part I

Our story is confusing and drawn out but interesting to say the least ! It all started when I was 14 years old. He was my cousins next door neighbor. I was outside playing with my younger cousins and I said, "wow who is that ? ". My cousin went on to tell me the details. I found out he was older then me by 2 years and went to public school. We would say hello when passing each other and sometimes he would even stop to talk to me. He was really sweet and I could tell he had a gentle soul. Since I was only in the eighth grade when I met him it wasn't like I was going to be seeing a whole lot of him anytime soon. My parents were extremely strict and there was definitely no dating going on when I was only fourteen. We would only see each other here and there for the next couple of years before we actually started dating.

Fast forwarding two years and I was sixteen and had lost most of my chunky adolescent weight and was fairly hot if I must say so myself. I went to private school and as I mentioned he went to public school so we rarely saw each other. To switch it up my best friend and I would go to the public school track meets and football games sometimes. One night we decided to go to a track meet and he was there. I said hello and he almost didn't recognize me since I had lost weight and was "cute " now, lol ! We started talking and as they say the rest was history.

We started dating and we went to each others Proms and had a wonderful high school dating experience. He was a jock that played football, ran track and was the cute all American athlete. I was the little preppy girl that wore a uniform, was on the drama team in all my school plays, ran track and tried to do the athletic thing but was better at the drama thing more then anything !

That was the beginning of our 6 year relationship ! Our high school relationship was light hearted and fun and just the beginning of many years together. Stay tuned for part II of my relationship with my high school sweet heart !

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