Sunday, August 30, 2009


Dialogue in the dark is a unique exhibit that allows you to experience the life in the eyes of a blind person in one hour ! This is an exhibit like no other because you can not use your one sense that you rely on the most, your sight ! You are lead through different rooms by your tour guide using a long walking cane. Each room is set to be a distinctive location and you need to use all your other senses to figure out where you are ! It is amazing how your senses come alive once one is gone! The experience at Dialogue in the dark allowed me to realize that once you don't have sight to remember a face or a location you can rely on your sense of hearing voices to remember a person and sounds to remember a location. This opportunity allowed me to embrace the unknown instead of being afraid of the unknown !
This is a must see if you live in the Atlanta area or if you enjoy traveling check out all of there locations abroad !

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