Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I was listening to my favorite radio station yesterday on the way to work and I heard something that left me surprised and shocked for a couple of minutes. They had a segment on Big Daddy Spy Company. It is a company where you can find spy ware to spy on people. They have everything from sunglasses to men's ties, to cameras hidden away in a tissue box. It's crazy how much stuff they have for you to spy on someone.

What shocked me was they now have software where you can download on any cell phone and it only takes 5 minutes and then you can here every single conversation, text, email or anything that you do from your cell phone and the other person would have no idea. They were pushing the fact that this would be good for parents with there teenagers !! Let me say I am so glad I am not a teen anymore because my parents would have gotten something like this just because they were super over protective !

What scares me more is this would be perfect for those that like to stalk people. Like a crazy ex-boyfriend stalker this would not be good. It is just crazy how they make it easy for crazy people to get crazier ! It's weird they also say it's legal. How is it legal to secretly download a software on someones cell phone with out them knowing and look at there pictures and text messages and listen to there phone calls ? I don't know about you but that's crazy. That is why I keep an eye on my cell phone because you never know how crazy people are.

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Boo and Bling ...

Please forgive me for it has been awhile since I last updated you all. This month has flown by so quickly and it's almost time to celebrate Valentine's Day. Which might be looking good for me this year. I may have someone to celebrate with. **wink**

Me and the new boo have been doing so well. I really like him. It's almost been 4 months and we are having a blast. He is so sweet. This weekend we spent time together and cuddled and watched a movie and he made me a big breakfast ! He is so thoughtful and I am just smitten over him right now. Aww <3 ! He met my parents a couple of weeks ago and they like him so that is 2 thumbs up !

I have also been trying something new and blinging out phone cases and that has been fun !! They are now sold at Gash Jewels !

  This blue one is for a ipod touch..so flirty I love it !!

This black and white one is for the iPhone 4 and this one sold already !

So in a nutshell that is what I have been up to loving my new boo and blinging out phone cases !! LOL Muah xoxo

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cabin Fever

I have been stuck in the house now for 3 days !! Snowed in no work no nothing just TV and crafts ! Today was the first day I actually had to get out of the house and I went to Michaels to get some more crafts so I won't be completely bored out of my mind ! Tomorrow I have no work either because the roads are so bad and it has be declared a state of Emergency ! Oh joy ...right ??!! I was happy the first two days and now I am about to go crazy ! We haven't gotten mail in 3 days either and I ordered lots of crafts stuff on-line so I am waiting anxiously for it's arrival.

A million YouTube videos later and lots of time I have made my first deco den project !

They are little pocket mirrors and as you can see the tops of them look like whipped cream & chocolate icing with sweets on top chocolate chip cookies, candy bars, donuts and a little bit of bling !! I love it...I will have to keep it in a small pouch so that it won't get ruined in my purse !

It's pretty cool ..isn't it !!