Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I was listening to my favorite radio station yesterday on the way to work and I heard something that left me surprised and shocked for a couple of minutes. They had a segment on Big Daddy Spy Company. It is a company where you can find spy ware to spy on people. They have everything from sunglasses to men's ties, to cameras hidden away in a tissue box. It's crazy how much stuff they have for you to spy on someone.

What shocked me was they now have software where you can download on any cell phone and it only takes 5 minutes and then you can here every single conversation, text, email or anything that you do from your cell phone and the other person would have no idea. They were pushing the fact that this would be good for parents with there teenagers !! Let me say I am so glad I am not a teen anymore because my parents would have gotten something like this just because they were super over protective !

What scares me more is this would be perfect for those that like to stalk people. Like a crazy ex-boyfriend stalker this would not be good. It is just crazy how they make it easy for crazy people to get crazier ! It's weird they also say it's legal. How is it legal to secretly download a software on someones cell phone with out them knowing and look at there pictures and text messages and listen to there phone calls ? I don't know about you but that's crazy. That is why I keep an eye on my cell phone because you never know how crazy people are.

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