Monday, January 24, 2011

New Boo and Bling ...

Please forgive me for it has been awhile since I last updated you all. This month has flown by so quickly and it's almost time to celebrate Valentine's Day. Which might be looking good for me this year. I may have someone to celebrate with. **wink**

Me and the new boo have been doing so well. I really like him. It's almost been 4 months and we are having a blast. He is so sweet. This weekend we spent time together and cuddled and watched a movie and he made me a big breakfast ! He is so thoughtful and I am just smitten over him right now. Aww <3 ! He met my parents a couple of weeks ago and they like him so that is 2 thumbs up !

I have also been trying something new and blinging out phone cases and that has been fun !! They are now sold at Gash Jewels !

  This blue one is for a ipod flirty I love it !!

This black and white one is for the iPhone 4 and this one sold already !

So in a nutshell that is what I have been up to loving my new boo and blinging out phone cases !! LOL Muah xoxo

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