Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthdays, Baby Showers and A Date !

It would be wonderful to have an assistant to book all of my events that I go to every weekend so I won't forget. I guess that is what my iphone 4 is for. I am sure they have an app for people that can't remember there schedule..hah ! However I am happy that I remembered these events because I had fun.

First young buck friend Bella aka Snooki had a birthday and she sure knows how to celebrate. She was popping bottles all night long ! She looked amazing and she was the star for the evening !

Popping the first bottle

Blowing out her candle..

And going for the second bottle !

Then being cute with her boo...awwww !!

All is all the night was uber fun and I am glad that Bella had a blast !! Happy 25'th Snook !

This past weekend I had a baby shower and they are always fun. My sisters friend that she went to high school with...aww where does the time go. I still can't believe they are not in high school anymore and most of them are married with children. I still look at them all as being my baby sisters.

It's pretty cool that my sister ( the one in yellow) and all of her friends are still good friends after all these years !!

My sister helped host the event and got crafty and made cake pops !! I am so proud of her for making them all by hand !! They came out sooo cute and super sweet !

Another friend made the cupcakes !

After all the food and treats came all of the gifts !

So happy for the adorable couple !!

Last and certainly not least was my date !! It was our second date this past weekend and I was really impressed with him. He is so cute and so polite and I am totally crushing on him. He took me to this restaurant called Cheeky. It was a Mexican restaurant that had these huge windows that are open to the outside so it brings a little bit of outdoors inside. It was nice and the food was yummy ! I also thought it was cute that they had wooden menu's !

(sorry about the picture being sideways ) It wouldn't let me fix it

After we finished dinner we went to go see the movie " Social Network " The Facebook movie and it was pretty good. I just joined facebook this year so I didn't know about all the history but it was a good movie. After that we said good night and this weekend will make our 3'rd date ! I am honestly excited and I can't wait to share.

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  1. My sister-in-law just made cakepops for a family dinner and they turned out so cute! What a fab desert!