Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Wow I can't believe it is already November. My favorite month of the year and also one of the most busy months for me. Not to mention it's also my birthday month !! My friend Pinky is in visiting and I am going to try and get an update for you guys. She has a lot going on and a lot has changed since the last update.

This past weekend was fun. I went on the third date with the dude I have been gushing over. It was nice but didn't go quite as expected. I don't know really what to say it was nothing in particular it's just he is a little needy maybe and just to much. I just want to have fun right now so I just told him we need to slow down. I am not sure if I want anything to serious right now. I am taking a short hiatus from him and will see him in a couple of weeks. That is just what I feel is right for now.

Next week is finally the week I get to go up north to NYC and AC to celebrate my birthday a little early with my bff and cousin. I can not wait, I am so excited !! I am dying to shop and I can't wait to go see the Broadway play "Wicked " ! We are also going to do dinner and going out one night so I am looking forward to my long weekend away next week !

I will bring you all something back from NYC like I did last year and then I will do a little giveaway in about 2 weeks. Since we finally switched over to our new product at Gash Jewels we are going to host a giveaway for a hand stamped piece. Check out the shop and let me know what your favorites are.

Once I get back I will be home for a week and then I am off to Hilton Head to Celebrate Thanksgiving for the week and that is actually my birthday week ! Busy Busy month but fun none the less.

Chat with you all soon...

Smooches xoxo

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  1. I love november too, its my birthday montht also! Busy time of year too! x