Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving in Hilton Head

Hello All,

The birthday girl is reporting to you live from Hilton Head, SC ! We arrived yesterday on my birthday and the weather is just right ! Once we got all settled in everyone sang happy birthday to me and my parents surprised me and got me the camera I wanted !! I am so excited.

I got the dual view Samsung camera. It has a screen on the front of the camera so you will never cut off your head when you try and take your own picture which is something I do all the time. I love it !

After the excitement of my new gift, today we went on a long bike ride on the beach. It was a great work out and now we have some down time before we go to a seafood restaurant for supper tonight !

I can't wait to eat Thanksgiving supper tomorrow and spend time with my family ! I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving and don't forget the true meaning of it all, be Thankful !!

Happy Turkey Day and God Bless

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