Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Off to Atlantic City and New York

I am so excited that my birthday trip has finally arrived ! I am leaving early tomorrow morning and the first stop Atlantic City ! I am so not a gambler but I sure will be sitting at the slot machines acting like a pro !
Then the rest of the weekend I will be spending it in NYC shopping until I drop and I am really excited about seeing the play " Wicked " !! I will being take a short Hiatus from the blog world until I get back. I also didn't forget about my readers and as promised I will bring you something back and do a little giveaway before Thanksgiving !! I will make sure it's something super cute !!

I know you all will miss me ...**wink..wink ** so follow me on twitter !! I will be sure to keep updates and twitpics for sure !

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I also mentioned in my last post that I wasn't going to see the guy that I was dating for a few weeks but we actually went out over the weekend and he is just so sweet and so cute that I really realized that I like him a lot. I just haven't felt like this about a dude in a really long time so I think I was sort of trying to distance myself from him but realized I need to be open to change and give him a chance. I can't wait to see him next weekend. He is going to have something planned for me for my birthday so I can't wait to see what he comes up with !

I will leave you with something completely random. I was shopping at Wally World last week and saw this...

I thought I really like Wild Cherry Pepsi and the packaging was just so darn cute I figured what the heck and I bought it ! Well first off it doesn't taste like wild cherry Pepsi as a matter of fact it doesn't taste like anything. So it is safe to say this lip gloss is NOT popping !! Plus it dried my lips out and it has no moisture in it at all. I think this just might be for kids !!

Anyway I can't wait to update you guys when I get back have a great rest of the week !!

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