Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Keeping up with the Kardashians

I have to say I love the show ! It is my guilty pleasure and this season is the juiciest ! They have all come such a long way since the first season. I still can't believe that Kourtney had a baby by her crazy boyfriend Scott. I am sorry but she should have left him a long time ago. When Kourtney and Khloe did there show in Miami ,she knew she was further along then they made it seem in the show. That is just crazy that she was acting like she wasn't seeing him for the longest and then she popped up pregnant !! I don't know how many times Scott can walk all over her before she finally puts her foot down and leaves him ! ( Can I get an Amen on that please ! )

I am team Khloe she keeps it real and I love that she slapped Scott across the face. That was too funny ! She did get married really quick but I guess when you know you know. I hope her marriage last forever ! Kim and Reggie I don't know he is so much younger then her and he is huge in the football world ( I think ) so you know how it is when your young and famous ! Or at least how they make it seem in the tabloids.

Did anyone watch the episode from last week ? I can't believe that Rob cheated on Adrian and that is why they broke up. He didn't seem like a cheater that's crazy and now the poor thing is going crazy over her. That is what he gets ! All in all I am a fan of the show they are all so extra and dramatic ..loves it a.k.a as Paris would say ! Ha


  1. I love the show too and Khloe is my fave :-)

    I can't stand Scott! Everything he says makes me cringe.

  2. lol! I love that show too! cant get enough!!

  3. I used to be a big, BIG fan, and then I found out my current man slept with one of them 4 years ago...

    Now you know I still watch the show, I just like one of them less! ;)

  4. Here here it is also one of my guilty pleasures :)

    Did you see the 'Wedding Special' episode, love their new house!!!

  5. One of my guilty pleasures as well! I just stare at their hair, make-up, and clothes and DROOL for the whole 1/2 hour!
    I felt so bad for Rob!!! But he's young and super cute so he will get over her fast!
    Cute blog!