Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sweet T

Last week I got to catch up with one of my friends Sweet T ! She said she wanted one of her girlfriends to come over and see how her new room in her house is coming along. Sweet T and her boyfriend are expecting a little one in less then one month, so they moved there bedroom upstairs and built a closest and it looks fabulous ! Her boyfriend did a great job and the room is huge it looks like a small apartment they even put a projector on the wall for movies and everything ! It was nice catching up with her. Most of my friends are married or have kids so it's nice to visit with them once and a while.

She had a sweet tooth that night and she decided to make white chocolate covered strawberries and showed me how to make them. She said I need practice for when I get married and have a family life. I didn't know it was so simple to make chocolate covered strawberries. She just brought the white chocolate that came in blocks and melted it in a non-stick pan and carefully stirred it as it melted. She did make one little mistake, she put Pam in the pan before melting it and the white chocolate started to turn brown...yeeks !! None the less it was still tasty..even though I don't like strawberries. ( I know you are thinking..well what the heck do you like ) I do like pizza !! Hehe !

Sweet T made a sweet treat and they came out so cute !


  1. cute blog! found you on blog catalog. i love girl days. and that food looks quite tasty.

  2. aww, very cute :) that gives me an idea to make them for my fam for valentine's day!