Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Counting Down The Days

The Countdown is on for my fabulous East Coast Sweep Birthday Bash !! This birthday will be the big three to the O and I think I am ready !! I am so excited ! I am really excited because I finally get to see my boyfriend Mr. C ! He is so cute and I miss him so much, it's been a few months since the last time we saw each other so it's going to be nice to celebrate my birthday early with him. His birthday is next week and mine is in 2 weeks so we are meeting in the middle and will celebrate next week ! I also get to spend time with my bff and she will be my shopping partner while we are in NYC ! I will bring you all a little something back and do a giveaway. I will make sure it is very New York whatever I decide to bring back.

I can't believe I will be 30 ??!! I heard from some wise friends that it takes forever to get to 30 and once you get there time flies so I am prepared to hold on tight and keep my memories close to my heart ! Happy Hump Day people..just a few more days until the weekend, Praise Him !!


  1. You know, I had a tough time turning 29 because I knew 30 was around the corner, but then turning 30 was not a big deal :-) It does fly, I can't believe I'm 34!

  2. It's amazing how fast the time does go, but girl you don't look a day over 25!

  3. I read this article a few days ago..and thought of you!

    You've still got some time if you haven't done all of these :)

  4. Have a wonderful time, mine feels like a year ago but it was eight - so fully enjoy it and please don't dread it like I did. I'll have a different attitude to 40 because after all that's the new 30.