Friday, October 9, 2009

Birthday Announcement

I can finally announce what I am planning on doing for my big three to the O birthday celebration ! As I mentioned in a previous post I wanted to go to an island and just relax, but plans have changed and I am doing what I call an East Coast Sweep ! I am taking the party up to my boyfriend in Pennsylvania and we are going to sweep up the East Coast ! I am going to do a few days in Pa., a day in New York and hopefully have some time to party in Atlantic City all in 5 days ! I am excited. I wanted to ski while I was up there but it won't be cold enough next month for all that so I figured why not do what I do best and do some shopping !

I tried to avoid doing what I call another "working vacation" but for some reason it has been my thing the last few years..and going to a few different states in 5 days is going to be work ! I am up for the challenge. I grew up in Pa and going to New York was a regular thing for me, but my boyfriend and my best friend live up there so I am happy I get to celebrate with them !

I am also going to be doing a giveaway soon because it is my birthday month next month so I will be announcing all the details for that soon enough ! Happy Friday people and have a nice cocktail tonight because you made it through the week..hehehe !

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  1. Your birthday plans sounds exciting! Do it while you can girl! Enjoy!!