Monday, October 26, 2009

A Complete Random...

I had a lot going on this weekend ! I met up with my friend Sonam for some cocktails over the weekend and we were setting there catching up having a good conversation and out of the blue this complete random chic walks up to us and says..

Random : Can I sit here with you guys ? I am waiting on a friend to arrive and I don't want to sit at the bar by myself !

Us : Um..Okay

Random : Hi, my name is Meridith, Whats your name ?

Us : Ashley and Sonam

Random : Sorry, you guys can continue talking.

Us: " looking at each other, why us ?"

Side Note : My cheese sticks arrived at the table and I said to Sonam and the random " please help me eat these I am not going to eat all of them. "

Random : Shaking her head as she blows smoke right on the cheese sticks and in Sonam's face.

Me : Sooooo... Sonam what else is going on ?

Sonam : (Trying not to laugh) Umm nothing.

Sonam : (talking to random ) So is your friend going to come ?

Random : Umm, I don't know I just moved here and I used to work with her and I haven't seen her in a year.

Sonam : Wow, So you haven't seen her in one year ?

Random : No, as she looks at her phone and says, I don't think she is going to come.

Me : OK, So how is everything Sonam ?

Random : She starts eating the cheese sticks...just eating them and blowing smoke out of her mouth at the same time.

Side Note : She didn't even ask if she can have any she just started eating it.

Then all of sudden she gets up with out saying hey thanks for letting me sit her. She just got up and walks across to the bar to this random looking dirty guy. She looks back at us and says, " Do you guys even remember my name..and I said "Meridith ?" Sonam looked at me and said " I was going to say Melody ! " Then she turned around and rolled her eyes and looks right back and says he doesn't believe I just met you guys ?! Sonam and I said "Okay ?"

Then we finished are drinks and noticed she was having a grand old time with this random dirty guy at the bar. Needless to say her friend never showed up. We got up and bolted out of that place !

Is it me or was that twilightish !!

One Last Side Note : We never figured out if her name was Meridith or Melody ! LOL


  1. haaha that is so weird! maybe you'll be on a tv prank show soon. you two have more patience than me though. i would have acted rude after the smoke thing.

  2. wow, the nerve of some people...what an imbecile...hahahaha