Monday, October 12, 2009

Fun Baking Time

I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend like I did. I even tempted to bake this weekend. I am so in love with this website and I got inspiration to make these tiny little apple pie bites ! My play niece was at the house visiting and she is 6 years old so she was my little assistant. I thought I had all the ingredients and had to go to the store 3 different times, talking about annoying.
I am not a chef so first mental note to self :
  • check to make sure you have all the ingredients instead of mentally going through the cabinets in your head.

Once I had all the ingredients my play niece, I call her "punkin " and I started preparing everything. It was fun and they actually came out really good. I let my parents try them and they even liked it ! I was proud of myself.

I picked the prettiest looking ones because most of them got stuck to the mini muffin pan. Second mental note to self :

  • Do not let a 6 year old grease the mini muffin pan !

Punkin and I did a really good job and she absolutely loved them. I must admit I do not like to cook but I am getting practice in for when I finally do become a wife to my lovely boyfriend.

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