Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sonam's Birthday V-interview

I finally figured out how to use the Movie Maker...somewhat ?!!?! I went to dinner at a chic little spot called Noche over the weekend for my friends birthday ! She is so funny I had to do a v-interview (video interview.) It's funny and so Sonam ! Enjoy and Happy Birthday Sonam !


  1. WOW!!!! Sonom! Its a cute vid. You should definitely think about only doing vid's. You may get discovered. You should do a a video of pinkie and just black out her face and use a voice disguiser! That would be juicy.

  2. Lmao quarter-life crisis. I don't have any pennies to donate, but I can build her a bubble suit. You know, just in case she bumps into anything I don't want her leg to crumble like a Jenga tower.

    Hope she doesn't mind walking around looking like the Michelin puff.