Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Favorite Fall Indulgence

Today's Tuesdays tribute from over at mayhem and moxie is about your favorite fall indulgence ! My favorite fall indulgence is pea coats and hot chocolate. I love dressing for colder weather, even though I live down south and the color of the leaves don't quite turn all the different pretty colors like they do up north, I still love the change of the seasons and the stylish coats that go along with it. It's sort of a fashion obsession/indulgence/love I have for all of my pea coats, I currently have 3 pea coats and I usually get one every season. I think people dress there best in fall and winter time, all dressed up in pea coats and gloves so chic !

I heart this deep plum color ..which is next on my list !

I have to have my hot chocolate in the fall..so yummy !

And last but certainly not least..my burberry scarf always matches my colorful collection of pea coats !


  1. I agree! I love the coats and especially the scarves!!! There is just something classic about a scarf.

  2. I LOVE the purple pea coat! Go figure...hehe