Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving in Destin, Florida

Every year my family likes to go to different destinations for Thanksgiving ! Last year we did Thanksgiving in Hilton Head and this year it's Florida. My parents rented a huge beach house & we are leaving tomorrow and this time I will be bringing my laptop. I wish my boyfriend was able to come. He just started a new job and his training was all of this week and next week so I will be stuck with my family all week long.. OH JOY ! Let me break it down for you. It will be my parents, my sister and her husband and his parents, and my Aunt & Uncle. If you haven't noticed all couples and then there is me. I will definitely be locking myself in a room and renting movies on itunes to watch on my laptop with a side of wine and some Tylenol 8 hour !

By midweek I am sure you will be getting some drunk post from yours truly or I will post a Vlog asking for a prayer circle so I can survive the week ! My sister and her husband just got married earlier this year and they are still in there honeymoon phase, every time I see them they are always hugging, kissing and all, oh I love you so ! Which is nice and all but you don't have to rub it in ! They are the only married couple in there world.I still love them though. My parents will be slaving me around, I already know ! I will be missing my ride on the pumpkin and I will be Asharella. My sisters husbands parents are cute and his mom will have random conversations with me out of the blue and showing me the worlds smallest greetings cards and I am sure I will love them ! My Aunt, well what can I say about my Aunt. She has been with the same man for the past 40 years and they never got married and have no kids, so she has a lot of time on her hands !

I know my parents do not read my blog and neither does my Aunt because she just learned how to use a computer and the internet a few months ago. My sister has a blog but she is to busy in her married life and work to blog that often so she only reads my blog from time to time. She said when she see's long post, she doesn't have time to read it, so I know she won't be reading this and her husband won't be either ! His mom may try and read this, if she finds out I have a blog, so if you see this post magically disappear then you know why. If I disappear in Florida then you know I didn't survive the week. I may even try to make my own raft and sail to Bora, Bora..oh how peaceful that would be ! *** Okay I am back *** Sorry I was day dreaming and typing at the same time. Wish me luck folks as I set out on this venture with my lovely family !

P.S I love my family and family is all you have ! Enjoy your time with your family !


  1. that is too cool about the Thanksgiving trips.
    I'm from Florida and love to go home to visit. We just went back in May for a wedding and made a Disney World stop :)

  2. The trip sounds fun. Spending a week with family - not so much. Trust me, I understand. My mom and dad are here and my brother and his slutty, sullen daughters are coming on Wednesday.

  3. Sounds like a great thing, to go away for Thanksgiving each year! Just take it for what it is and enjoy. You will probably look back on the trip with much delight!

  4. I just so happened to read the post this time...hahaha! Charles and I are NOT like that you just have CRAZY visions like we are....I CAN'T WAIT TO GIVE YOU YOUR BDAY PRESENT CAUSE BOY DO YOU NEED!

  5. Funny I was "googling" Thanksgiving in Destin to see what was going on while my husband will be travelling down there tomorrow - found this blog - too funny! Have fun...we are looking forward to it as well :) Happy Turkey Day!