Friday, December 4, 2009

Freestyle Friday

Okay so I am sitting in here at work and I am so bored so I asked my neighbor B..what should I blog about today ? B said, " freestyle it, whatever comes to your mind " I said, " oh my goodness you are right I should freestyle it " From now on that will be my thing "Freestyle Friday" ! Everyone has there own little thing they do at least once a week and this will be mine. Thanks B for the idea ! By the way he was my very first follower ! I welcome all my followers to join in on the fun and just link back to me for your own twist on Freestyle Friday !

Today I am going to write an open letter to the Universe and maybe I will get a little something in return. You know they say you speak things into existence !

Dear Universe,

Why did I just turn 30 last week and feel a tad bit of anxiety about being 40 in 10 years. ( Yeah seriously ?) I also feel like everyone else in the world is married and has kids or at least has a boyfriend in the same state. Long Distance relationships just suck and they are hard and I just want to live in the same state. I know he is moving next year but next year seems so far away. I also feel like the older I get the less I feel the urge to have a big fancy wedding, maybe if I was like 24 but now that I am like 30 and he still hasn't put a ring on it, I mines well say screw it ! At this point I don't care if anyone shows up if I ever get married. Every since I was 16 yrs old I always wanted to get married on an island. Everyone knows that island weddings are small because people just can't afford to come and I have a solution for that..I will have my island wedding web streamed and they can watch the video while I am still on my honeymoon !

I really want to get married some place far like Fiji where I know that no one would show up and it would just be him & I . If Mr. C puts a ring on it sometime in this life time then he would like to have a small wedding in the states but it's not really up to him so I think I will win on that one !
I have another question for you Universe ? Why don't I have the paparazzi following me around and snapping pictures of me with my fabulous handbags and big sunglasses ? I am a star too and I need to shine ! Maybe it would help if I had my own reality show...I wish MTV would listen to my pitch..I promise it would be way better then The Hills !
Thank you Universe for listening to me freestyle it today I feel much better now !



  1. I think you don't want the big wedding the older you get because you are also getting wiser. All that money and stress for one day? IMHO, a destination wedding sounds ideal.

  2. Hey, happy belated birthday! Don't worry, I'm five years closer to gets scarier the closer you get...hahaha

  3. Happy belated birthday. I like that 30 is the new 20! I will definitely embrace my 30th birthday in the same spirit!

    I love your blog, will make sure to visit from time to time.