Thursday, December 3, 2009

Celebrating The Holidays My Way

Today I am taking part in Mama Kat's Writers Workshop. I chose to write my prompt on how I would celebrate the holidays my way if money was not a factor !
If money was no object and I had no budget I would do so many things. First and foremost I would give money to my favorite charity the Lupus Foundation ! That would be amazing if they found a cure ! Then I would plan a wonderful vacation to an exotic island for the holidays on a private jet ! Of course I would have to have a stylish collection of Louis Vuitton luggage. ( I only have a few pieces ) but my dream collection would look a little like this...(fabulous isn't it !)

The island of choice would be Bora, Bora Tahiti ! That island is paradise, how dreamy ! ( One day when I get engaged, that is where I want to go on my honeymoon ! ) I just have to show you how pretty it is. Look at the huts over the clear water !

The pictures are enough to drift off and dream ! All I have to do now is make my dreams a reality and that's what I have the book The Secret for ! Happy Dreaming folks !


  1. My aunt went on vacation here. It was actually for her honeymoon and I'm not even kidding. I can't even begin to tell you how jealous our ENTIRE family was.

  2. That looks like an amazing place to vacation.

  3. bora bora is definitely my future honeymoon destination!