Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas gift must haves

I decided to do a list of the Christmas gift must haves for all you last minutes shoppers ! They are some hot items this season.

Christmas Gift Ideas :

A Coach swingpack ! These little coach bags are so cute and this is a new one with the new C's on it. Santa actually let me pick it out myself and I know it will be wrapped under the tree this year. Great gift and a coach bag is a must have in any ladies closet !

The Flip Ultra HD or the new Flip Mino -- I got the Flip Ultra for my birthday last month and I absolutely love it !! It shoots up to 2 hrs of video and you can make some of the footage into still shots. The Flip Software that comes with it is really easy to use and anyone can make a video !

The iPhone -- Okay,who doesn't have the iPhone ? Doesn't everybody ? You can get the phone for as cheap as $99 isn't that something ? It burns me up, because I paid $600 for it when it first came out. I have the original iPhone. People think they are getting a deal because they are so cheap now but they get you on your bill. They charge more for the internet packages on the new ones. Anyway all the apps for the phone are the best..I love my iphone and if you don't have one you minds well get one because everyone else has

I have a short but sweet list and I happen to have everything on the list..there really is nothing else that I must have. Well it would be nice to trade in my new mustang for a Range Rover ..hehehe ! Anyway enjoy your holiday folks and if you can have anything for Christmas and I mean anything what would it be ? Mine would be a Range Rover !!


  1. love your style...yes they are must haves and are on my list to santa...

    sassy chica