Monday, December 7, 2009

My holiday to do list

My holiday to do list :
  1. Finish Christmas shopping & just deal with the crowds
  2. Find a dress for my company holiday party which happens to be next weekend
  3. I must make my Christmas cards and this year I am sending roasted pecans with the Christmas cards !! I am excited about that but I must get started on the pecans
  4. Buy new wrapping paper ! I love wrapping paper and I wish I had time to make my own
  5. Figure out what I am going to get Mr. C for Christmas...any suggestions ? My boyfriend is very tech savvy but super hard to buy for...I am lost on this one.

My list may seem short but it's a lot that needs to be done. Dealing with the Christmas crowd is enough with in itself ! Every single year I say I am going to get my shopping done early but for some reason I end up last minute shopping !! I like to shop in the middle of the week so that is what I am going to do today is get some more shopping done. Wish me luck !!

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