Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weekend Recap : Baby Showers and Drinks

This past weekend was fun. Friday night I met up with some friends at Hooters for some good convo's and drinks. It was my normal group of friends, and there is was this guy that was there that I have seen before but never really paid attention to. We were all sitting there just chit chatting and my friend had introduced me to this guy which to be honest I forgot his name already and some other dude and I said Hi. Then all of a sudden he was like well I have a message for you. I just looked at him and said, "me " ? He said, "yes " !

All of my other friends starting looking at each other and just laughed. So I just ignored it. I then realized I left my phone in my car so I ran out to get it and I opened my car door and I was bent over in the car getting my phone and I turn around and that guy the random...was standing there and said, "Hi". I just looked at him like ooookay...and I said, " hi " again. Then he said, I remember meeting you 2 years ago at the Mexican restaurant around the corner from here and you were with S. I just said, Oh yeah. He was like I was trying to tell F and A to say something to you for me but they wouldn't. He was like you are really hot. I just laughed and said thanks.

Then we go back inside and everyone is laughing at me and I sat down and my friend S went to pinch me..because she is random like that and the random said, " get off my girl " talking about me ??!!! I just couldn't help but to lol..I spit up half my drink and all my friends teased me all night. It was definitely funny and if you saw would definitely lol ! It was a fun night for sure and I am sure the next time I see my friends we will laugh about it.

Saturday I had a baby shower for my friend L. she is having a baby boy. We decorated with all things blue and brown. We had lots of yummy food, cake and petifores !

My mom and L mommy to be for the second time !

The other half of the table...cake and punch !

Yummy petifores...

Then we played games with the guest, who can change a diaper the fastest blind folded...

Then she opened lots of gifts !

All in all it was a great weekend !

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  1. Was the guy a geek or something? Too bad.

    They baby shower looks like fun! I would love to have some cake right now.