Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sewing Class

Today I am taking a 3 hour sewing class with my mom. I have had a sewing machine for years and used it maybe once or twice. My best friend came to visit me once and she is a master seamstress and showed me some basics but as soon as she left it went out the ! My mom knows how to use a sewing machine, she used to make my sister and I Halloween costumes but her machine is really old and she only knows how to use hers. So, I convinced her to take the class with me.

It is just a basic sewing class. The cool thing is, I get to bring my own machine so I can know what I am doing. I am not really into sewing but lately I just learned how to make wallets out of magazine paper and I am really just taking it so I can learn how to sew the sides of the paper wallet instead of gluing it. I don't know why it is 3 hours long, that seems so long to me. I hope I retain the information this time so I can do basic things.
I wish I had the cute Hello Kitty sewing machine pictured at the top...that is too cute ! Hello Kitty makes everything. I don't even know what kind of machine I have I think it is a brother ? Hopefully I will learn some basic sewing machine lingo and I won't feel like I am looking at some foreign object after tonight !


  1. I have been wanting to take a sewing class. Have fun!

  2. that machine is too cute!
    I got a machine from my grandma that she used to try to teach me on when I was little. A class sounds like a great idea.