Thursday, June 10, 2010

Silly Bandz Craze !

My play niece is 6 years old and all she talks about right now is silly bandz ! She is obsessed, she gets me, and her mother and her grandparents to buy her packs of them every week. She even had me look up the website ! They have a section on there where you can send it for pictures of the week. I sent in this picture and hopefully it will get posted next week.

She currently has over 150 of them and it's to the point now where she doesn't wear them all at once because she has so many of them ! She gave me one that is in shape of a shark's to cute. It kind of reminds me of the colored plastic bracelets that everyone wore back in the 80"s.. remember those ? Well these are the same, except when you take the bracelet off it forms a shape of pretty much anything from letters to fish to even a bikini ??!! Kids they love the simple things in life.

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