Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My First Sewing Project ?!?

I am proud to say I took my 3 hour sewing class last week and I learned the basics and I am no longer scared to take on the sewing machine. I must say the lady that taught the class was definitely a talker. She talked and talked and talked and we really only sewed for like 5 minutes. That is all I really wanted to do. She did however go over how to thread your machine and the bobbins and how to clean your machine, so that was helpful. I asked her while I was there what sort of needle I needed to use to sew my paper wallets, and she said to use a thicker needle. I got the needle she told me to get and  I took notes and I went home and finally tried it on my own. 

I dusted off my sewing table

and got all my paper wallets ready and..

I changed the needle in my machine with the needle the lady told me to get and I changed the stitch and went at it and this is what happened..

My paper wallets got all ripped up and the thread got all tangled on the wallet and in my machine...do you see all the thread I pulled out of my machine on my sewing table ? Yeah it was a hot mess and so then I had to take the bobbin out because the thread was all tangled up and...

whipped out my manual so that I can make sure I was doing it right. I cleaned out all the tangled thread and gave up on trying to sew paper wallets. It just didn't work and I have seen them sewn before so I don't know how they do it. I will have to watch some YouTube videos and work it out. However, I did have a cute little summer sweater that had a tiny hole in it and I sewed that up no problem. I realized last night that a sewing machine is just for fabric I guess ??!! My next project will probably be something simple like a pillow ! Ha !

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