Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

I am so excited to announce I got another award !! What makes it even better is I got this lovely award from my blogger bff Ms. Iris from my Life in Purple
If you don't know her then you must go over and check her out..she is so fabulous, funny and of course stylish and I love her blog !!

These are the blog rules :

List 5 secrets about yourself

Nominate 5 other blogs

Notify the New Winners

Ok so 5 secrets about me :
  1. Ok so it is no secret for all of those that have been with me since the beginning but I have OCD really bad I am the biggest freak when it comes to germs !
  2. I don't like milk at all so I will eat my cereal dry in a bowl.
  3. I like syrup on my eggs
  4. I have a special case for my toothbrush that has a UV light that kills 99.9 % of the germs
  5. I have a habit of cracking my toes at night when I lay down, just like people who crack there knuckles..weird I know..lol

The fun part I get to Nominate 5 blogs that I feel are stylish
  • Ms. Mac from Isle 12 -- I just found her a few weeks ago and I love her D.I.Y projects that are all very fab. !
  • Kelsey at Seattle Smiths.. her blog is so adorable and I heart reading about her travels
  • Melissa's Photography -- She is a fabulous artist when it comes to taking pictures I love her work

Ok so I broke the rules a little and only have 3 to pass it along too, but they are 3 fabulous stylish people !


  1. Syrup on eggs?!?! Big does that too!!!

    He said it's because in the Coast Guard all they had was powered eggs and that was the only way to make them taste better.

  2. really, OMG ! Yes It taste so much sweeter with syrup...I love it

  3. Ashley-
    I feel so honored! Thanks so much! A stylish blog is pretty much the BEST compliment EVER!

    Miss Mac

  4. Thanks Ashley for passing on the fun award!! Ohhh syrup on eggs, never heard of such a thing!!