Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Smile...Another Wedding

I have been in the best of moods these last few days ! I have just been doing things that I enjoy and it really brings me peace and happiness ! I am going out of town this weekend  up north to my cousins wedding for the weekend, which is the only wedding I have this year ...yeah !! I have had a wedding to attend or be in every year for the past 5 years ! Luckily I am not in my cousins wedding I am just a guest !! Last year I was in one wedding and was a guest for 2 other weddings. My life in a since is like the movie 27 Dresses ! One day it will be my turn and I always go back and forth on rather or not I want to torture my bridesmaids and make them wear one of there hideous dresses they made me wear in there wedding..haha--- just kidding--no I am not--hehe !!

I got my little toes done yesterday with a hot pink color ! It is definitely a summer color it screams Barbie to me-- a Barbie pink...l-o-v-e  i-t !! I also got my eye brows threaded which is something I usually do once a month...if you don't know what it is --find out, because you don't know what you are missing . I would never go back to wax or tweezers again !! Hmmm..what else I am wearing a dress I wore to my sisters rehearsal dinner because my cousins wedding is going to be outside and there won't be many people there so why not recycle..go green ! I did buy a new pair of sandals to go with the dress today because this sista can't do heals at all.. so I got cute flats !

I am going to start packing this evening so I won't be worried about doing that tomorrow night. I think I am going to be brave and pack with my smaller luggage piece, because I always over pack and I am just going to be gone for the weekend ! I will post a little something if I have time this weekend. What are you plans for the weekend ?




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