Thursday, July 8, 2010

Single and so ready to mingle !

I haven't updated my blog in a little over a week because it seems as if I am being tested in each and every way in these last few months. I was debating on if I should talk about it on my blog or not but I decided that maybe I should. I am now single, Mr.C and I broke up and I am so grateful that we did. If you have been following me since the beginning then you would know that we have known each other since high school and come to find out his whole entire life is a lye ! I have known him for 16 years and we dated for 7 years and broke up for years and last year before my sisters wedding he " confessed his love for me " and told me that he was moving.

Come to find out he had been living a double life over the past year and I won't go into detail but I will say he is the devil he is an anti-Christ...he has pure evil and hate in his heart. I don't understand how one person can be so evil and disrespectful ! I don't want to understand because I am a good hearted person and I would never think to do the things he has done to me over all these years and especially this last year. I am just glad that I found out now, what happened. What if we got married and he started living this crazy double life that he thought was acceptable. The funny thing is he wasn't going to tell me anything at all. God is so good because what happens in the dark comes out in the light !!

I am not hurting over this or upset in anyway shape or form. I was just shocked to find out that there truly are evil people that exist in this world. He was acting like Tiger Woods but doesn't have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of ! The nerve of some people. I don't feel like I need to put him on blast and reveal his name or get back at him because karma is a bitch and he will get his. He will get his when he least expects it and it will come back to him double fold. You can't live your life walking around messing with other innocent people's lives and thing that you can get away with it.

I am so blessed that I don't ever have to see him or be apart of his selfish ways again ! That is the best news !! I am now single and ready to mingle ! I will at least have some juicy stories to share on my blog about dating..hahah !


  1. OH GIRL! You are WAY too fabulous to have a dbag like that in your life!!

    Love love love ya! I'm glad you're such a strong woman. You get back out there and find that man who will treat you like the QUEEN you are!

  2. Thanks are so sweet ! :)

  3. Take your time. Enjoy being single before you start dating. I've now been single for 2 months and I am so far from that first date and it is not because I am heartbroken, it was a great move.