Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Havre De Grace, MD Part 1

Over the weekend I went to my cousins wedding in a small town called Havre De Grace Maryland. The town looks like a movie set from the 60's . I felt like I literally stepped into a backlot movie set in California where they have all the little fake homes set up. The town is right on the waters edge where the chesapeake bay meets the susquehanna river !

That is my cousin T who got married this past weekend !

My cousin chose a very vintage old b&b called Vandiver Inn that was built in the 1800's to get married at. The freakiness all began when we checked into the Vandiver Inn. I have never stayed at a b&b so I didn't know what to expect because I had never stayed at a b&b and never really desired to stay at one to be honest. Most b&b's are really old and haunted.

My silly b-i-l jumped in the middle of the picture.

That is a picture of Mr. Vandiver himself creepy painting I promise his eyeballs followed you in the room.

This is the common area downstairs in the b&b where they serve breakfast.

You see how old this b&b is and when we walked in it got a little crazy once we saw our rooms. I was in so much shock that I didn't even take a picture of the inside of the room but it was very old and the house had an older musty smell to it. I did have enough since not to stay in a room by myself because I am a scarry person like that and I've always heard creepy stories about b&b's, so I stayed in a room with my sister and her husband. We walked in and there was there bed and then a little side room with a day bed from like the 60's and no t.v or nothing.

I slept with all the lights on and my ipod in my ears all night. There was a closest in the other room my sister was staying in and a door which we thought led to another bed room. After midnight every night the light would be on and stayed on until day break. I even knocked on the door a few times and no one would answer back. Come to find out the next day we where all downstairs in the common area and I ran back upstairs for a second and the cleaning lady was in there. I asked her what was behind the door and she said that it was a long hallway that leads to another bedroom but its locked on each side. I said, "Is there is automatic light that comes on after midnight and stays on all night ? " She gave me a strange look and said , " no I have never heard of anyone saying there is a light that comes on at night " That was one of the many freaky things that happened and that really freaked me out.

I didn't sleep for the two nights I was there. My nerves were so bad. I felt like I was caught in the twilight zone. Then there was the wedding on Saturday outside in the extreme weather conditions. I will tell you all about that tomorrow I don't want to freak you out too much today.


  1. Oooh! I would have been OUT of there. I'm a big fraidy cat.

  2. Scared? Interesting. It's a beautiful B&B with history. And though we have some fun ghost stories in Havre de Grace - none that I know of are malicious in any sense of the word. No need to be scared. The weather - well, not much anyone could do about that... even as far as Maine it was hot!

    I'm sorry you felt so threatened. I've lived in Havre de Grace for 12 years now... presently age 65... and I'm not afraid at all... all the B&B owners are friends... and I walk absolutely everywhere - anytime.

    If you ever come back, look me and let me show you around our friendly - not scary - community. Warmly, Ellie