Friday, March 26, 2010

Yippie It's Friday

Happy Friday Folks,it is my 100'th post ! I will have to do something special for you guys for dealing with me posting twice a week !!

Just to fill you guys in my friend and I that make jewelry together are setting up a small booth at her daughters middle school tonight for there spring fling !! That is what they call it, and there will be food and little stands and jumpies and all that kid stuff !! So we made all sorts of kid jewelry this week including bottle cap resin necklaces and little rings,so cute !! I will take pictures tonight and post about it this weekend !!

Oh and this weekend when I find a little free time I will be catching up on all your blogs !!

Smooches Chica's !

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  1. Well, happy 100th post! Hope the Spring Fling went okay. I love the idea of the bottle cap necklaces. Clever!