Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wedding Show Excitement

It's Hump Day today and the week is almost over. I am finally starting to feel better and my friend and I are busting our chops making jewelry for this Wedding Show we are about to do in 2 weeks. I am excited because you usually don't see jewelry vendors at a wedding show. We are trying something different. It should be fun and it will help us get our name out there. I can't wait to show you guys some really pretty wedding jewelry we are working on.

I only have one piece up on my site right now that is a simple fresh water pearl necklace with black cc spacers. Very Pretty and simple. There is more to come. We are hoping we do some networking at the wedding show and hopefully get to know some brides to be. We would love to start doing custom pieces.

It's exciting to come up with pretty jewelry for someones special day. We would also like to do custom pieces for prom's. High school kids always know the latest trends so to make some custom pieces for them would be really cool too. We are also doing personalized picture jewelry, which is so much fun ! I love making things it just gets me so excited ! Happy Hump Day folks and if you know anyone getting married or high school kids looking for a fun piece of jewelry please keep us in mind.


  1. Ooooh, beautiful! I adore pearls. If Mr Big and I get married, you can make one for me with purple spacers :0

  2. Your pearl necklace with the black spacers is really pretty. Show me some of your picture jewelry!

  3. Your so sweet Iris !! I would be honored to make your jewelry for your special day !

    Ms. Ann...thanks for asking ..I just did a custom picture necklace check this link out
    And on the site there is custom picture rings and we also do picture charm bracelets..I will be adding a picture of the charm bracelet soon. They are made with resin..I love it !