Monday, March 22, 2010

I am still here

I realized I haven't blogged in like a week. Sorry for that ! Time flies when your busy ! This past week has flown by and work has been pure hell. I left work every day last week wanting a drink and literally exhausted and I didn't feel like doing much. I am sure you all know how that is. Other then that I feel like I work non-stop with my normal 9-5 job and then with my jewelry collection. It's just to much going on. Then the wedding show my friend and I was going to have a booth at sold out, because my friend waited until the last minute to try and book it. Crazy, so we made all of this wedding jewelry and now we didn't do the booth. Crazy I know. But we are planning on doing a normal booth at like a small fair in a couple of weeks. So we are excited about that.

Other then all that I celebrated two more birthday's this weekend. I had a little kid party to go to and my dad's birthday in the same day. Sorry I don't have pictures but my dad forbid me from putting him on the Internet...hahah !! He is old school. Also my best friend's birthday is tomorrow to be exact but she celebrated it this past weekend. She lives up north and I wish I could have gone to celebrate but the tickets where way to much..I think because it is spring break time.

All is all it was busy week last week and this week will be equally as busy. I have lots to do and wish I had more time to do it. I still have lots to catch you all up on like my sisters birthday party last month and the ask and I shall tell post I still need to answer questions. I have not forgot and I promise I will get around to it. Hope you all have a good week.



  1. You get that sometimes, don't you? Birthday clashes more in certain months. I used to hate mine when I a kid. Because I'm a twin we shared cakes, candles, presents ect. *sigh*