Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Friday Night

I had a fun filled weekend and I just had to share. Friday night I celebrated my friend C's birthday and I call her my country friend, because she lives out in the boonies. So I took the journey out that way and she wanted to do dinner at Chili's so we all ate and went for a fun game of bowling !! The bowling was fun and we all got tired of getting gutter balls so we had them put up the guards..ha and that is when the game was really on ! We all did a little video message to C !

We played for about 2 hours and at that point I was up way past my bedtime but then someone suggested going to club ATMOSPHERE ! (Imagine me saying it "club Atmosphere " slow and dramatic with spirit fingers )That is when the night got really twilightish and funny ! So club Atmosphere was in the country across the street from the bowling alley and jammed packed with locals I guess. We walk in and sat down at a table and just people watched..it was quite interesting !

We spotted a dude that looked like Biff from "Back to the Future " with a face full of zits and then we spotted a dude that looked liked the wizard from "Lord of the Rings " so serious and he had the long white beard and all and was dancing by himself to hip hop on the dance floor...yes that's right...I have never seen a dance quite like it. Then whenever they would play a slow song all these people would gather on the dance floor and just slow dance like a scene or flash back from an 8th grade dance.

That isn't even the best part. There was this girl that had on skin tight jeans with a tank top and bleach blond hair...that just took over the dance floor. You know those woman that seek attention from whomever, well that was this girl. There is always one nut up in a club. Well she was getting off on herself...she was dancing all slow and off beat and putting her hands through her hair and flipping it shaking her behind and slapping it...yes slapping it ..and we all couldn't help but laugh..and she had such a serious look on her face. You would swear she was getting paid on Soul Train ..haha !! It got to the point where men started pulling up chairs to watch her. It was so funny and disturbing at the same time.

Well I saved the best for last..we spotted a gweedo up in the house...I promise he looked like Pauly D from the Jersey Shore ! I asked him if I could take his picture because he looked like Pauly D and he kept saying west coast and throwing up the west side sign with his fingers !! I was like wow..that was a mistake..because he wouldn't leave us alone. This is how the conversation went.

Me : " Excuse me can I get a picture of you, because you look like Pauly D from the Jersey Shore

Random : Ha Jersey Shore...West side, west side,west side

Me : " Um, Ok can I get the picture "

Random :

Side note : This is the random on the left and Pauly D on the right, don't they look alike ?

Me: Thanks for the pic.

Random : Hahaha, yeah..I don't have any friends, I just moved from Cali. west side..will you be my friend

Me: I am sorry to hear that...ask my friend A if she wants to be your friend

Random to A : Will you be my friend

A : Put your hands down, you are using your hands to much to talk...now what ?

Random : I just moved here west side will you be my friend

Side note : I don't think you can see in the picture but he has a star tattooed on the side of his eye

A : Do you like woman ?

Random : ( just stared )

A : You can tell me we are all cool plus I will never see you again

Random : Umm I am not with that

A : Okay, you never answered my question

Random to Me : Lets go dance

Me : I dare you to dance by yourself

Random : Ok

We got rid of him at that point for awhile, and then when he came back we had enough of the weirdness so we all left !!

That's a lot for one night..wait until you hear about Saturday night !


  1. What a night!!! Definitly one for the books!!! And it wasn't the boonies!!! You know we know how to party out in our club!!! Hahaha!!! You forgot to mention that the blonde looked like she was once a man...and thought she should be on the stage at the Clairmont!! Oh, and why didn't you mention the guy and girl that were basically humping on the dance floor and stage!! hahahaha!!! Boy what a night! Thanks for the b-day love!!!

  2. Dang girl, that is one interesting night!!